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  • cant remember if we needed to book them or if we just rocked up. would be good to get a few in before the nights draw in.
    i have a few balls, pads box, would need gloves and a half decent bat.

  • ive got bat, probably a ball or two, pads, gloves, box.

    We dont really need a helmet unless @Amygdala is bowling...

    Down with the regents park idea....

    Hows about Tuesdays at 7?

    1. Ben (punkture)
  • Ive got bat, pads, gloves and a helmet ill bring, however, only one ball, but i have the day off tomorrow so may pick up another one or two

    List time:

    Tuesdays at 7?

    1. Ben (punkture)
    2. OB
  • Hello would love to but not in the country :(
    I enjoyed them net sessions.

  • Hey Ben. How do. I would be up for a nets session but not til after the GE. I don't have any gear any more though.
    I've replied to you/Haran on Facebook just now too.

  • Hello, I'd be up for a net or few, after the 19 may though as have an exam to worry about. First game on Sunday though and not touched a cricket bat or ball since august.

  • Also interested. Will blow dust and cobwebs off kit first though...

  • great, I can get a couple of other people too, I was thinking Monday evenings after work at the regents park nets? If everyones ok with that I'll look into it and see if I can book for 7 for an hour (and a half?)

    Interested list for weekly net sessions at Regents Park nets (Ive got kit so as long as everyone brings a box and ball and Haran brings a helmet for us if hes gonna bowl...:

    1 Ben @punkture
    2 Haran @Amygdala
    3 @kidboy (after 19th May)
    4 @c00ps
    5 Simon @OneLessCardigan (after June 8th)
    6 Ben's mate

  • I'd possibly be game for a net, got kit to boot. How much are nets at Regents Park?

  • Late notice heads-up:

    I have a net booked at Lords 6-7 tonight, if anyone fancies coming along? A few guys from work were going, but have had to drop out due to project work. North gate at 5:45/6 + drop me a PM for phone no., if you can make it? We've paid up so it is gratis tonight.

    (I have all my kit too, in case you need pads, gloves, bat, trousers, even a spare shirt or two!)

  • bugger, only just saw this or wouldve come along

  • Damn. No worries. We could have done with some more bowlers though, as I ache today (definitely not a bowler and first cricket of any sort in three years)! Looking forward to Regent's Park.

    Also, large white Dolan parked up next to cricket school- on here?

  • After Sunday i think i need fielding practice more than nets! That or i need my eyes testing.

  • Anyone still game for a net?

    Had an awful game yesterday myself, dropped two dollies before taking one at the end. Had oppo at 89-8, they put up 167 due to some diabolical fielding/twatting it. I come in at #8 when we have a mere 37 on the board. Cue spending 11 overs of blocking for a laugh and scoring the scratchiest 4 you'll ever see.

    I don't understand how this game can be soul destroying compared to anything else I've ever played. What the fuck is it?!

  • Yup, still game.

  • Yeah for sure, will try and remember to bring my spare kit up from my mums at the weekend.

  • Nice!

    I've been netting at Hackney Marshes if anyones up for it. Or elsewhere

  • Back down in Kent at the mo, was raking, scarifying and cutting the wicket yesterday, first time this year....

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LFGSS Cricket Team

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