Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • And sound great as they tick tick tick on cooling

  • Can anyone recommend a non sram brake pad for sram rival hydros? Sram own pads are £20/ pair!
    They have lasted and worked well though so maybe I should just ask santa

  • uberbike, lifeline, aliexpress .. the world is your oyster

  • I use Gorilla pads on mine. Have been absolutely fine

  • Great tip thanks, half the price!

  • If I want to swap a shifter, do I need to cut the pin out of the hose or is it just a new brake olive?

  • You can swap without cutting, unless it's internally routed. I'd normally dremel the olive out, or cut the whole thing if I have enough hose.

  • I found a nearly new shifter to replace the one that probably leaks so want to swap over. Sounds like if I can get the olive off I’m golden then?

  • The olive is generally crushed on, try replacing neither, then replace both if that doesn't work.

  • Was kind of hoping not to have to thread another full length internal hose (also integrated bars). I didn't enjoy it the first time. I guess I'll see if the current one leaks before going for the nuclear option.

  • By both I mean olive and barb, don't replace the whole hose, although it's kinda your fault for trying to pointlessly hide everything. It'll probably just plug and play anyway, it almost always does.

  • Or if you didn't leave a tiny bit of extra hose somewhere when doing a stupid full internal routing for this exact kind of problem then I think you just hate yourself.

  • I'll second this, did countless Euro to UK swaps with no failures.

  • New shifter arrives today, quite keen to actually ride this fucking thing so I'll give it a go. I am reminded, though, that I am shit at bleeding brakes

  • Shimano right? If the lever has fluid you might get away without having to, if you don't you might get away with whacking the bleed cup on and burping a few bubbles out with a bit of vigorous pumping. If you do need to bleed I'd just push some fluid up from the caliper through the lever into the the sightly filled bleed cup, close the caliper and burro burp away as above, hopefully all good.

  • ?
    I dunno what a burro burp is either, something about donkeys I guess.

  • Farmer down the road has some donkeys (or mules, but I'm no expert); will let them have a try doing it. They can't do a worse job than me

  • For non burro burping in relation to brakes, stick the bleed cup on, add some fluid and squeeze the levers on and off repeatedly, can tap the hoses too and if it's struggling tie the levers closed for a while, it should burp air bubbles to the top.

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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