Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • Did you bleed them?

    They look clear? Are they new? By this I mean it doesn't look a dirt stuck piston issue. So i will go with there is too much fluid in the system.

    Take the pads out of the caliper .Open the reservoir, is there a maximum line? Remove a little fluid. Push the piston back into the caliper. Put the cap back on reservoir. Loosen caliper bolts. Re insert pads. squeeze lever a few times. Hold lever squeezed and tighten caliper bolts. Good?

  • Yeah brand new. Cheers will give that a go.

  • Incidentally I have a pair of TRP Spyre levers & calipers I’m about to sell if anyone is interested.

  • Before that have you just tried spreading them by hand to reset them? If they got used without a rotor then they'll have adjusted themselves to that. If you can't spread them then they've probably been over filled, which isn't very hope like so do as mentioned.

  • That's a good shout, over looked.

  • They are retracting, there's clearly movement. What's the actual problem? Are the pads rubbing on the disc? Have you tried to centre the disc yet?

  • They should have a bit more clearance than that, although they do sit closer than Shimano calipers.

  • ISO to flat, or post? Might be able to help if it's the latter

  • Anyone ever seen magura calipers work with Shimano road levers?
    I know they're both mineral oil but I don't know whether the levers push the right amount of fluid for the calipers

  • i think i have, cant remember where .. 2 pot versions

  • Yeah, there’s retraction, but not enough. They are rubbing. I can push them apart with a gently with a flathead, but soon as a squeeze them the close but don’t fully open again.

  • I think Chris Froome uses Magura brakes on his team bike which I assume uses some sort of Dura Ace.. there were some videos about it last year when he was periodically moaning about disks.

  • They're E4s ain't they, thought they were RX4s. What do the levers feel like? You've got bite point adjust and stuff to play with.

  • Both of them feel the same?

  • Yeah both the same. Maybe they need a bit of time to bed in? I’ll have another look tomorrow.

  • Have you adjusted the bite point? Seems like it might be turned all the way in.

  • Shigura is a well knnown thing in MTB, and seeing as Shimano MTB and road calipers are cross compatible, I see no reason why Magura calipers wouldn't also work with STIs.

  • FML. Another hour spent sanding and isopro dowsing the cunting rotors and pads and they still both squeal like motherfuckers. At least it exposed the fact the rear caliper was loose but fuck me this is getting old. Do I just throw everything in the bin and get new everything now? To be honest I'd rather just spray GT85 on them and pretend they're rim brakes in the wet.

  • I see no reason why Magura calipers wouldn't also work

    Do you even Magura?

  • Have you tried a tiny bit of copper paste on the back of the pads?

    What pads and rotors are you using?

  • No, but I did try sanding the back of the pads too, just in case there was some grit there.

    Pads were Shimano or some aftermarket thing. I can't remember. One was deffo Shimano and one wasn't but I maybe swapped them before the 24hr. The rotors are Shimano of some sort.

  • Did you try dish wash liquid and a green sponge? I find that the best.

  • Some Shimano rotors are marked “resin pads only” - could compatibility be a factor?­/ts1570079501/attachments/Page/20/Disc%2­0Brake%20Pad%20Compatibility%20Chart.pdf­

    In any case, once the pads are contaminated, if it is something that penetrates the pad, no amount of cleaning will help and some solvents seem to just distribute whatever the contaminant is even deeper.

  • Yeah, that's what I normally do on my road discs. These are just being dickheads.

    I got them to shutup before the 24hr but now they're bastard noisy again.

  • Ok, found the old ones. The old ones were combo of Shimano and unknown and they both squealed, the new ones are cheap Lifeline organic pads that must've worked for a bit without squealing.
    I have new Metal Lifeline ones too but I don't want to fit them if it's something like the brake calipers leaking oil. ie. I don't want to keep feeding this thing brake pads.

    Seems to be a darker sheen on them now. So I presume the second set of pads is contaminated somehow and putting the same crap on the disc. How many pads do you throw at this problem before throwing the lot in the bin?

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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