Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • What brake pads should I use? I have these and they're fine in the dry but in the wet they're shite, they make a noise but don't slow me down.­brakes/disc15/disce/

  • Tight tolerances for sure . Mine easily start to rub even when re centred i just live with awesome stopping power and a bit of rub

  • Balls. Okay. I'll swap the front rotor for one that rubs less as it's a shade narrower which will ease it a little I think.

  • Which way around should these pads be fitted? There's no direction arrow or L & R. Maybe it doesn't matter too much but I've just bought my son a second hand bike and the brakes are a bit rubbish so I want to squeeze as much efficiency out as possible.

  • Probably a dum question but can’t see an answer anywhere. Should my pads have this groove in them or are they fooked? They’re making a right noise

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  • I've always assumed they are thin bit forwards.

  • No, too groovy. What does the rotor look like?

  • Brill, thanks. So that would mean the rotor direction is towards the fat bit (technical term). Feels a bit silly getting hung up over a seemingly minor detail but that's what I do best

  • Maybe I meant thin bit towards rotor direction? I've not had to fit those for a while.

  • Haha, okay, no worries, thanks. I'm sure there's some science to it somewhere. Guess I'll just fit the damn things.

  • Not bad but there’s a very fine line where the groove is so something has worn or gone wrong. Thanks. New rotor and pads I guess

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  • LBS has rerouted my hydro hoses and tried to bleed them but the mechanic says the piston won’t let fluid pass. He says he suspects an o ring has swollen or failed and wants to charge me £250 for a new 8070 shifter.

    I’m not the original owner of the bike and it’s about three years old so Madison won’t entertain a replacement.

    Has anybody ever heard of this? He says it’s more common on Sram levers but they can be fixed.

    Does anybody know if there’s a fix for this?

  • Isn't it a wear indicator?

  • It's indicating that it's worn, so kinda.

  • I can't find any pics of a bicycle disc pad with that kind of wear indicator so I guess you're right

  • Looks like a shimano pad by the back colour and they certainly don't have one, plus I've never seen another brand that does, but I've not seen everything.

  • Yeah I'm getting mixed up with motorbike pads

  • Thats a bit of a design flaw which all being well, leave a groove on the rotor.

    Top to bottom indicator would probably be best?

  • It's not a wear indicator, I was just being silly.

  • Giving the bike its annual wipe down and noticed a bit of paint bubbling and stripping on a BB7.

    The disc has never hit the metal (in my ownership), but I did pick it up second hand so is that a likely cause? Poor setup from previous owner?

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  • Probably just poor quality finish

  • And life, lots of them look like that after a good few years of UK weather.

  • 👍 good to know.

    Might give them a tidy up when putting some new cables in.

  • Noob question, just got my first hydraulic calipers (hope). The pistons aren’t retracting. No idea what to do. Bought from hope already connected up to the hoses and levers. Any thoughts? Cheers.

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  • wtd pair of 203 6 bolt discs and a rear iso-flat adapter, or px for a 203/180 set up

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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