Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • acab.

  • Yep fiddly as hell , then they stretch and never fit properly . A twist of fuse wire will work just as well.
    Great brakes though.

  • Accidentally destroyed the barrel adjuster on my front TRP HYRD this evening, anyone know of a part that might provide an easy fix?

  • They're pretty standard, grab one off an old derailleur or your LBS probably hoard them if they're like me.

  • Actually they'll be 5mm not 4, but still ask at your LBS.

  • Lbs will be first port of call.

    I've replaced with one of these for now, seems to work. Any reason not to ?

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  • No, the adjuster is just to remove slack from the cable, the actuation arm should be able to fully return, if you can do that with the cable clamp then everything will work as it should.

  • I've replaced with one of these for now, seems to work. Any reason not to ?!

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  • I’m going to buy a new front calliper for my R8070 (di2) setup. 1st one had a shattered piston, second is not behaving well, may be the same issue. I bought it second hand on here, worked ok but never great so I want a fresh start.

    Of all the flat mount shimano ones out there, what would you buy? I was thinking GRX400 for cost and also the fact it’s not a ceramic piston. Are there any that offer actual improvements, I’ve read 10% extra pad clearance on some, but is that only in combo with the new servo-wave levers?

    Also, are the front 140/160 adapters all the same? If so I’ll buy a rear brake and re use the one I have.

  • The SLX brake on my polo bike is leaking from one of the pistons - is it toast or this fixable?

  • Happened to my XT , cleaned, bled with new pads and no issues since.

  • is it toast or this fixable?

    Blown piston seals are a normal failure mode on all disc brakes, but Shimano don't do rebuild kits (Hope and SRAM do) so if the seal is destroyed, you're fucked.

    As @coventry_eagle intimates, sometimes it's just dirt stopping the seal from sealing and you can rescue it, especially if you get to it quickly.

  • If it's leaking from the piston I reckon it's fucked, new caliper and be very careful about cleaning the rotor.

  • There's another pad variant from Shimano? What's the new "RF" mean? Resin + Fin?

    "Shimano L05A-RF resin disc pads with Ice-Tech cooling fins are 40% more wear resistant than their predecessor, L03A"

    These are what I can use now...
    K03S Resin
    L02A Resin / Fins
    L03A Resin / Fins (more durable than L02A)
    L05A-RF Resin (more durable than L03A)
    L04C Metal / Fins
    K04Ti Metal
    K04S Metal

  • Reliably findable, because there actually seems to be stock.

  • Yeah, I just added one to a cart to get into the free shipping value.

    I've got so many different brake pads though, I can't really tell if any are better or worse. The only FACT is that the Resin are quieter than the Metal but I've never tried to measure durability.

  • Maybe those nerds that measure chain wear with different lubes could set up their jigs to do brake pad testing...

  • IME, resin pads give better bite and squeal less in perfect conditions but metal pads last so much longer and stay more consistent in typical British crap.

    My offroad bikes are all metal pads, road bike which lives in a loft from October-April is resin front, metal rear

  • is resin the same as sintered? i honestly get so confused by them all and the past few years I have been limited to one or the other based on stock levels anyway...

  • Sintered is metal, resin might be called organic in some places. My MTB is sintered but for everything else (well, maybe not, muddy CX or gravel that's actually shit MTB) I reckon resin is where it's at.

  • Does anyone have pad recommendations for Spyres? I’ve always found their performance a little underwhelming but wondering if an upgrade over the stock pads might help (and possibly to use compressionless housing). Fwiw this is for my Straggler which does double duty as winter road/summer gravel.

  • Shimano B03S.

  • Got a bit of an issue with my RX4+ calipers... basically, discs rub constantly. I've re-centred them, pushed the pistons back but no go. Any ideas? Using centrelock rotors (Ultegra or Shimano IceTec MTB rotors depending on the wheelset).

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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