Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • The caliper body looks different but the arm is the same.
    TRP and Tektro are the same company

  • TRP and Tektro are the same company

    Exactly, and it looks like it does dual movement.
    Tektro Racing Products (i think from memory)

  • Can I use Shimano Ultegra R8070 flat mount calipers with flat bar levers?
    As I understand then all Shimano 2-piston hydraulic calipers use 22mm diameter pistons.
    But what about hose? Shimano has several hose series.
    Shimano Ultegra R8070 caliper use the SM-BH90-JK-SSR hose.
    Shimano BL-MT401 levers use SM-BH59-JK-SS or SM-BH90-SS hose.
    Is the hose identical as long as it is BH90?
    I assume that the only difference between these are the connection screws supplied with the kit? Also olives and inserts?

  • From the same company so yeah pretty much the same!

  • Mix and match away.

  • It's only the inserts that are different. The JK presumably stands for J-Kit, which is when calipers are supplied pre-bled. If you buy just the hose, obviously this isn't the case.

  • Thanks again for the help.

    I managed to burp/lever bleed yesterday and got lots of air out (20+ small bubbles) and topped up the fluid as well. Feels much better.

    On closer inspection I think oil has been leaking from where the hydraulic line enters the caliper. I've nipped up that connection so hopefully that might solve it ? Is there a good way to monitor that?

  • Just have a look where the oil is leaking as soon as pressure is lost.
    If it's the connection it may be a badly installed olive.

  • Do check the caliper body for bulges or cracking, could happen due to overtightened compression nut.

  • Quick question: can I replace post-mount calipers with flat-mount? Thinking of buying a used set of hydraulic road shifters that are being offered with hoses and post-mount calipers attached, but my frameset needs flat mount.

  • Ok. You don’t think I can just whip the post-mount calipers off the ends of the hoses and replace with flat-mount versions? Appreciate it would cost more to buy new calipers….guess I was wondering if there’s any issue ‘built in’ to the shifters themselves, or do they just push fluid down the hoses so it makes no difference whether post- or flat-mount calipers are at the end of them?

  • Sorry, I misunderstand your first post…
    You have to watch hose connction type and the pressure may be to high or to low to work properly.

  • It'll be fine.

  • You don't have to. Get some flat to post adaptors, cheap as chips and you'll be riding much sooner.

    Flat mount is a con, if it is THAT good, it'll already be on mountain bikes! ;)

  • It is already on some mountain bikes. If you want to spend more and have it look less shit get new calipers, if you want to spend less and care not for looks get adaptors.

  • I note ‘less shit’ rather than ‘good’! 😀

  • Yeah it makes no difference. I put my girlfriend's existing 105 FM calipers onto a set of BR785 brifters that came with PM calipers and then sold the post mounts. Super easy.

  • Less shit than adapters.

  • This is all under the presumption of shimano but most SRAM stuff is the same I think if you stick to their road brakes. (Within brands, you can't mix the two brands)

  • The joys of pad contamination..

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  • I'm always amazed how well just a quick wash with fairy liquid (other brands are available) works, before resorting to sanding/isopropyl/fire

  • I think if pads actually are contaminated, as opposed to just dirty, it's a fool's errand trying to fix them. Pads are cheap, save your sanity and replace them for a £5 set that do the same job and doesn't feel like money down the toilet when they get covered in wayward contaminant

  • Rear TRP Hy/rd has completely failed on my commuter according to LBS. Best cost effective option for replacement, is it TRP Spyre? I don't want to pay for a replacement Hy/rd, the bike isn't high value.

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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