Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • so if a GRX or Ultegra lever can push enough fluid for an RX4+ caliper then so can a Deore or SLX.

    That's why I figured it should work.
    The two finger Shimano levers might be a bit short on those bars, hard to tell without fitting them but when I've done similar set ups on swept back bars and the like we've tended to use something with a longer lever blade BL-MT200 are cheap AF and fine or BL-RS600 are apparently ultegra level, looks like neither have servo wave but the RS600s use i-spec if you want to attach your shifters directly to them.

  • Oh yeah, good point about the lever length.

    The xtr levers I have on at the moment are quite short though and they seem fine.

  • I take it if I go down this route of mixing and matching levers and calipers then something like goodridge hoses will be the way to go as I’ll be able to buy Shimano connectors for one end and hope for the other?

  • Hope calipers (we are talking RX4 right?) come with connectors, as do Shimano levers, I've used hope and shimano hose. If the shorter levers feel fine then all good, I prefer them like that and you get servowave which I also prefer although I've not tried an MTB lever with it and a hope caliper.

  • Those bars look very, very good!

    My first thought also was lever length, the Shimano hydro ones come in a trekking version (bl-t), which is way nicer on bars that point this much in your direction, because you can move your hands more.
    You can get them more parallel than in the picture with the adjuster screw. Loved them on a town bar.
    Bl-t8000 seems to be the current version, probably impossible to find without calipers.

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  • Yeah RX4 calipers was what I was thinking about.

    It looks like stock is going to be a harder issue to sort.

    That's good about fittings at least.

  • I'm placing an order for myself next week with Hope, 5 weeks lead time.

    Let me know if you wanna jump on it.

  • Hmmm, decent priced SLXs at pbk…

  • If I wanted cable disc calipers, which ones?
    What about Shimano to SRAM 500 levers?


  • Spyres are good at stopping and are easy to adjust

  • Yep. I loved them. Just wondering what else might be out there.
    Was hoping some cheapo tiagra plus existing levers might work

  • BB7 in MTN or Road flavour according to need?

  • Can't say enough good things about my juin tech GTs (the 4 pot version).

  • Midwit question...

    I have a bleed kit for SRAM brakes which obviously has traces of dot fluid inside.

    Can I clean with water then alcohol and use for a set of tectro brakes, which are mineral oil?

    Edit to add.. TBS bleed kit is £15 so I will now have two bleed kits!

  • Yeah, it'll be alright assuming the fittings are correct, I normally clean with a small amount of sacrificial oil of the type I'll be using if I need to do the same.

  • Seem to have a loss of braking power in my rear GRX brake, lever feel is also not as good as the front brake (I.e more travel).

    Plenty of pad material left.

    Could it need a top up of fluid? What other things should I check ?

  • Assuming no leaks it sounds like air has gotten into the lines, has it been stored upright or on it's side recently? I'd try and burp it with the Shimano cup thing in the lever and pump the lever/tap the hoses and see if any bubbles come out, if there's more than minimal pad/rotor wear you may struggle to spread the pistons when it comes time to change them without releasing some of the extra fluid you'll have just put in, so use a bleed block if that's an issue.

  • If it's terribly noisy and the pads are full of oil, then it's game over for the caliper. Otherwise follow @snottyotter instructions.

  • Thanks for the replies, it is routinely stored upright (hanging from the front wheel) - is this likely to cause issues?

    It was making a fair old racket but a simple hose down with water seems to have relieved that, so I don't think there is a leak but it might need closer inspection. Some power returned with the noise gone but lever feel is still horrible.

  • it is routinely stored upright

    It can do sometimes, air from the top of the reservoir might make it's way into the line if it's upright, usually pumping the lever a lot will sort it, if not try the burping trick I mentioned, if you've not got the kit then just just undo the lever bleed port and try pumping the lever a little carefully and tapping the hose, you can drop a few drops at a time of fluid in if you can't see any in there. You can stop it happening again by whacking some straps or similar round the pulled levers when storing upright, although usually a good bleed is enough to avoid needing to do that until the pads get pretty worn.

  • TEKTRO MD-C550 are Spyres right?

    Where can I buy them?

  • Assuming you want pads, I emailed Uberbike and they told me which pads were correct for my Tektros.

  • Sort of but not quite. I was looking at spyre alternatives and thought tektro 550 looked very similar.

  • Apologies.. my own preoccupation with getting brakes bled and pads changed before the weekend is affecting my ability to read!

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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