Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • Did you cut off the barb that came with the J kit or did you just poke the black bit to enable the flow of fluid?

  • Bike came fully built and I rode it without issue for a year before changing the bar/stem combo (without disconnecting the brake lines). It continued to ride fine for a couple of months until the rear brake got spongy and I noticed the play in the lever.

  • Those inline hydro splitters - what's the point? Is it so you can more quickly remove bars or something? Is it just so bike assembly is easier to do in two parts, ie. fitting the bars later? Do they provide anything useful once the bike is setup? They cut the shit out of everything when they're jammed behind a Topeak Frontloader on the grrl's bike so if we remove them do we lose anything?

  • Is it just so bike assembly is easier to do in two parts, ie. fitting the bars later?

    Mainly this and means you can ship them without committing to which lever does which brake or being too fussy with hose length. If you're happy with the set up you'll not really missing out on anything replacing the hoses without them, bit of a PITA for not much gain though.

  • I wouldn't be doing it just for the sake of doing it, but if we replace her levers or something in the future, I want to remove the splitters if they provide no benefit.

  • They're bulky, they're ugly and they rattle. But new hose it's expensive, plus bleeding and all that jazz.

  • Props to my missus that just bled her first brakes with zero help from me. Even dealt with a stripped bleed nut with a rubber band trick. Haha maybe she can go fix @Dammit Maguras :P

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  • Really unsure how I've managed to crack this piston.
    Any idea if this is replaceable? Or is it new caliper time... :(

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  • No new pistons or seals available, new caliper is easiest or if you can find a donor brake then I'm reasonably sure most 2 piston shimano brakes of a similar age should be compatible if you want to try and have time on your hands.

  • ☹️ thought as much. Bugger.
    Cheers anyway
    [opens eBay]

  • Yeah, I had the same thing on mine. Got a second hand brake.
    Worth checking warranty, even if you buy a replacement while waiting. Mine was just out of the time limit but I was told it would have been a warranty job if not.

  • Anyone know when Shimano will actually have brake pads available in this 3rd world country?

  • You need K shape road ones? I can send you some cheapo Ali express ones I picked up for the shop, they seem considerably better than no pads, but can't say they're as good as shimano.

  • Thanks but I'm sticking with Shimano for 'reasons'. I've still got a few resins left (K04s) but if we're doing AAA events this year brakes will be getting a workout.

    I do wonder who makes the Decathlon ones though?

  • 3rd world country

    I thought Oz was aligned with the US et al?

  • As if disc brakes have made it to Australia.

  • Got a new M7100 brakeset, where the hoses need to be connected up.
    The olive is already in the lever, and the hose looks like this, with the barb pre-installed but seemingly plugged with something in the hole, as the oil doesn't come out of it.

    According to the manual (p.35­1-02-ENG.pdf), you can just install as is. Assume that's fine then, but what happens to the little plug?

    Anyone had experience doing this?

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  • If it's the right length, pop the cover with a pointy thing and whack it in the lever (I prefer putting the olive on the hose first as it can get a bit wonky otherwise), if it's too long you'll need to cut the hose and stick a new barb in.

  • pop the cover with a pointy thing

    Thanks, that's what I was wondering if it was necessary.
    Though TBH, I should just cut the hoses now and not be slightly annoyed that they are a bit too long.

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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