Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • Thankfully braking forces are only in one direction, but obviously swapping out to new 6 bolt hubs is the way forward.

  • That's completely normal, doesn't matter SRAM / Shimano etc. I've measured the movement of many combinations of rotor and hub for play. DT hubs are actually some of the loosest, and Shimano's low end hubs the tightest.
    If the rocking really bothers you, then I have experimented with coating the hub with a PTFE spray and then putting an epoxy between the rotor and the hub. Means you can still get the rotor off when it's cooked, and the hub stays clean.

  • for all these new integrated cockpit setups; are there any that are actually easy to disassemble the front end? I only ask as last year I bought an orucase (pre-pandemic lol) for travelling with my bike and the front end needs to be disassembled as in the picture below;

    i am not super keen on getting a fully integrated cockpit (would also only ever consider with electronic shifting) but wonder if some manufacturers utilize systems which are easier/harder to work with (ie not going through the steerer etc.)

  • They're all shit.

  • I haven't seen any where the front brake hose doesn't go through the steerer. There's not really any other option (other than outside the headtube).
    There are at least some systems where you can take the stem out of the loop to gain you a bit of slack, like the Syncros RR1.5 for example, but maybe you were implying a bar /stem combo by asking about fully integrated?

  • There are at least some systems where you can take the stem out of the loop to gain you a bit of slack

    this is exactly what I mean yes; a sort of happy medium where the cables are hidden/semi-hidden but a degree of slack can be introduced quite eaasily. I don't think I would ever consider a fully integrated bar+stem combo just because of lack of adjustment

  • Question for the group. Got a bike running Campag Potenza and cable discs of the Spyre variety. Braking is adequate but there's a big imbalance between lever throw and power applied. If I'd done more reading before buying I'd have known this combo wasn't great, but alas.

    So any advice on cable actuated calipers that might give me a bit more stopping power and efficiency of lever throw without spending £300 on the last remaining pair of Potenza hydros out there?

    Edit: housing is decent spec compressionless before that one comes up.

  • Juintech.

  • This and Yokozuna Reaction.

  • My brakes are dying (leaking at the caliper)
    Clarks Clout.
    I know, I know, Buy cheap, buy twice, but at what worked out at 10p a day usage I can't really complain.

    I've looked at replacing the seals and for the hassle, cost and no guarantee it will fix the problem I may as well buy new brakes.

    If I do this I don't want to be investing in more imported landfill so have been eyeing up Hope Tech3 x2s with the intention to keep them running for a good few years.

    Talk me out of this please

  • I loathe the play in some centrelock combinations.

    I like your epoxy Idea!

    I've been using layers of ptfe plumbers tape around the hub splines to take play out.
    It gradually comes back as the tape compresses though, but easy enough to replace the tape when cleaning rotors

  • Hope told me last month that they have a 15 week lead time on brakes. That's the only reason I can give you.

  • Have you noticed any difference when using the ptfe tape? In my experience, there's always some movement of pads on pistons anyway, so completely fixing the centrelock doesn't make a huge difference.

  • On my current back wheel I took the play out completely and the front now has minimal rocking after bedding the tape in for a good few commutes so a significant improvement over what was originally there.

    I regard anything like your epoxy or the tape as a good idea to help protect the hub splines. Over a filthy winter of commuting That movement will gradually pump water, salt and dirt in via capillary action and start eating away at the splines.
    For my usage I get no benefit from centrelocks and almost regret getting these wheels specced as such.

    Maybe for Weekend off-road use with cleaning after each ride and there is no problem, but I'm not going to be doing that on a daily bike alas

    Ah thank you for that Hope information!
    I guess I'll be looking at something from Shimano...

  • Hopes current lead times, but that's ordering from them or a stockist who has to get them in for you, if you can find what you want in stock somewhere then all good.

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  • nice that they are churning out RX4s quicker than other components

  • Also, just stop rocking the brakes back and forth, braking forces are in one direction, don't spray water at them and they'll probably be fine by the time you need to replace them unless you're doing a load of muddy off road stuff.

  • That was higher, think it's now just at the front of their queue.

  • the real winners of sram/shimano shortage are campag and hope

  • and microshift

  • The Fallen Ti custom stuff from my other work have been getting a lot of hope parts specced because although it might take a month or so to arrive, it's definitely on it's way and easy to track.

  • Thank you for this Snottyrotter.

    I've been looking around today and it doesn't look like many/any places have stock of what I'd like, so a long wait might follow.

  • I'd say get shimano but you probably can't get them either.

  • SLX M7100 have both front and rear in stock on Madison, or the super cheap MT200, everything else is out of stock or just front or rear available.

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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