Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • Why not just squeeze the lever? What am I missing?

  • Its a gadget for the tool box ! Anyway i made two wedges from a tin plate in work .

  • Not sure on a comparison but my Ultegra Di2 (R8070?) are much shorter than the regular non disk shifters. I find them less comfortable that the regular ones on my other bike.

  • £11.95 for an uitlijngereedschap voor schijfremmen? Wow.

  • Got a Shimano BR-RS785 on my Pinnacle commuter which has sticky pistons, seized and stripped retaining bolt, and is generally corroding.

    It’s got the straight rather than banjo fitting hose. Can I use a mtb caliper, such as the M525, instead?

  • Yeah.

  • Any suggestions for cheaper hydro drop bar levers for single speed?

    R785 too much for London streets...

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  • Interesting. I have some trp hylex levers and I am looking for something shorter. How long are the r8070 from mid bar to the levers start to turn up. Like this drawing with trp hylex (59mm):

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  • My rear brake is still going soft. Going to completely drain it and refill. I assume I just take the pads out, attach a syringe at the bottom and suck all the fluid out?

  • top cap as well

  • Assuming is a Shimano I'd do it the opposite way. Attach fully charged siringe, attach cup and push the old fluid into the cup. Dispose and repeat if necessary.

  • I’ve pushed loads through but something isn’t right. I wanted to do a full drain, probably new olives as well.

  • you really want to pull air through the system?

  • Basically restart. If I can get some hose from the bike shop and I’ve got enough fittings I’ll completely reset the whole lot.

  • What brake was it? I don't think draining it will achieve anything more than flushing it through without draining it.

  • Ultegra. Something is wrong as air seems to get into it quickly. No obvious leaks though.

  • If air is getting in then fluid should be getting out assuming they feel good after the initial bleed.

  • You won't achieve nothing emptying the system and filling it again. I won't even bother to replace the fluid if it's freshly bleed. Just use the cup and remove any air, if it losses pressure over time there's definitely a leak somewhere.

  • Popped a piston on my hope rx4 while looking at a sticky piston ! Now i have lost all pressure . Will a re-bleed get it all back firing ?

  • Well that’s why I want to empty it and redo the hoses really. Nothing obvious on the calliper or shifter but I did two rides on it this week that were okay and then today the rear brake was more or less unusable.

  • Assuming you've got the piston back in OK without fucking the seals or anything, yeah.

  • Internal hoses?

  • Sadly, yeah so I think it also means taking the cranks off and whacking the BB out.

  • Yeh popped it back in carefully . I so wish they supplied the syringes rather than a umbrella !

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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