Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • Cheers, I bought one of those, it should work.

  • So I bought a new frame and rival 1 disc brakes. Frame is completely standard but I read in this thread, that I still need an adaptor for the fork? So I would need the Sram flat mount adapter 0F/20F, is this correct?

  • A set of brakes should come with the adapter. But yes, that is the one your need.

  • I need to check that when I’m back home. But I think I haven’t seen them in the box and I checked with the shop I ordered. Discs and adapters not included.

    For Discs I got the rounded 2-piece Sram centerlines and Hope they’re good.

  • If I heavily suspect I've got the the Dreaded Shimano Calliper Leak (been riding in the dry for a month and the brand new pads on the brand new rotor have started making "the sound" just like multiple pads have done after a month) what are my options to:

    Prove once and for all I have the leak (I've read I could wedge a spacer with some tissue paper on it between the callipers and then bungee the levers down overnight?)
    Fix the leak (Do I need a new calliper or should I take a punt on taking the old calliper apart? If its worth taking a punt on taking the calliper apart what will I need for that, I'm guessing at least a bleed kit? anything else? more oil? funny driver bits? replacement o rings? weird lubes? If I'm buying a new calliper can I just get any shimano post mount hydro calliper and it should work with my 105-5800 series brifters (the ugly ones))

    Components are all long out of warranty.

  • Buy my calipers. Or buy Hope RX4 like I did .

  • Get a new calliper. No spare parts for the leaky calliper.

  • You can source a replacement o-ring, just not from Shimano I thought?

  • Might not be the seal that's gone though. Scratched / cracked piston, gouged calliper body or some crappy forging on Shimano's part. Who knows. Replacement calliper at £30 will most likely solve it with minimal ball ache though.

  • You we're actually right. Havent seen them because the calipers are already installed to them. Got confused while reading the thread!

    Now I just need to install them correctly. But I can do it in helicopters, I'll probably be fine. Sucks I cant use our 1500psi bleeding system, though! :D

  • I dunno, if that Royal Navy advert is anything to go by I wouldn't trust a Helicopter engineer with my bikes... ;)

  • Well, I worked for the German Navy SAR for the last 11 Years. And I wouldn’t let a Royal Navy engineer touch my helicopter. These English sea kings were filthy! Changing over to polar exploration now and civil standards are even stricter. I think my bikes are doing fine! ;)

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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