Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • On an entirely unrelated note, if anyone has any tips for removing pink mineral oil from a white living room ceiling, I'm all ears.

    See if any of the clerks know their way around a paint roller?

  • Always burp the system via the lever first before trying to flush the system via the caliper...

  • Did that. Nice spongy lever. Probably because it's a new hose, so full of air.

  • Not as well as I do, I suspect. When you've spent 6 12-hour days straight painting 8'x4' boards the same colour of slightly not white, you know how to handle a paint roller.

    Happily, doing my finest Zebedee impression with a big bunch of blue paper in one hand seems to have done the trick. Compared to the kitchen ceiling, it's looking mint.

  • Top tip #2. When doing the reverse bleed process on Shimano road hydraulic levers (letting the mineral oil flow from the funnel on top of the levers into a bag connected to the caliper) always make sure that the ziplock bag you're using to collect the fluid draining from the caliper doesn't have a great big hole in it.

    Failure to do so may leave the laminate flooring in your living room with a coefficient of friction which would put an Olympic-spec ice rink to shame.

  • What’s the forum approved method of cleaning contaminated rotors and pads?
    Tried hot water + washing up liquid + 30 mins soak + good scrubbing which helped but wasn’t enough.

  • Isopropyl alcohol and fire, then give the pads a light sand and wash with warm water. If that doesnt work bin the pads

  • Fire fire fire fiiiire

  • Top tip #3...

    ...make sure the bag is in the correct callipers otherwise you spend ages trying to get the oil down the wrong callipers.

  • This, then get new rotors, if you let the old ones within about a metre of your new pads, replace them too.

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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