Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • Basic Shimano will do with some IS to Post adapters that are usually included in the box.

  • Don't think Shimano supplies adaptors any longer with brakesets.

  • Deore for the servowave levers.

  • Cheers Howard,

    Alas now looking like most of the big retailers are out of stock on the basic shimano stuff 🙄

  • MT2s might be worth a shout if you can find them.

  • Cheers I'll keep my eyes peeled.
    This is all brand new to me so thank you for the pointers.

  • there's no Shimano standard for combining FM calipers with 180mm rotors.

    There are adaptor to allow 180mm on flat mount however this depend on the fork maximum rotor sizes.

  • Worst case scenario I’ll end up with a larger rotor in the back.

    Thinking about having the brake mount replaced. But not sure where my priorities lie atm. Get rolling asap I guess.

    Seems Stockholm is Fresh out of gravel carbon forks, so that would be step one I guess.

  • Check out the new 4 pot (yep..) Deore, SLX, XT or XTR calipers and see if they fit GRX.

    AFAIK they have smaller pistons than their off road ZEE or Saint counterparts hence less displacement need when it comes to fluid and levers.

    OR a Zee/Saint caliper might fit GRX.

    Do report back once you have browsed through the tech docs yeah? ;)

  • Can get a pair of MT2 from here for £60­­%2F193447953932

    Not sure if adapters and discs are included tho

  • SRAM level. Good budget mtb brakes, or not?

  • Anyone have and spare lock nuts for CL rotors? Think you can use cassette lock rings?

  • I've got some you can have. There is 2 types. One uses a cassette tool, the other uses a bb tool. Let me know which you'd prefer and I can drop it over

  • Any bike shop should give them away. They normally come with rotors and there's no need to replace them every time.

  • TRP HYRD - how does one know when to bleed them? Cheers.

  • When they dont work lose power and pistons dont retract.

  • so in a moment of drunken curiosity a...friend...of mine may have given the lever of a not-fitted hydro brake a couple of small pumps to watch the action of the mechanism. Which, duh, don't do that. What does that friend now need to do? You can still get one of those plastic stopper things between the pads, but I'm guessing the pistons need resetting anyway. Which can be done how?

  • Its all on the trp website or youtube service videos

  • Setup in question on my Surly Straggler: BR-R785, IS+Adapter mounts, 160mm RT86 6 bolt rotors, J02A Resin.
    Rotors and Pads are new.

    After admitting to myself I suck at aligning the calipers, I noticed the pads were "biting" in a jagged way, as if the sharp edges of the pads were catching on the rotors cutouts, causing vibrations. I thought this would go away, but 200km later it's still there. So I took the pads out and chamfered the edges with a file. It seems to have improved a lot.

    Am I the only one that had to do this? Please tell me I'm not..

  • Assuming the pistons haven't gone beyond their normal travel, just whack a plastic tyre lever in the gap and push fairly hard. When you reinstall the wheel it will take a few pumps on the lever to get the pistons back out to where they're meant to be, but there should be no harm done.

  • Oh sweet, this is much less bad than I feared. Cheers!

  • Not all is-to-post mount adapters are the same. Some are slightly higher or lower. Maybe put 2 washer under the caliper so the pads match up with the brake track.

  • Can't find anything in the thread search - any opinions on swiss stop disc brake pads? The rest of the internet seems to think they're good, just trying to justify the £18 price tag.

  • I'd say worth it on rim pads, but koolstop are as good, disc pad stick with shimano unless you're using some heathen other brakes.

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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