Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • I’ve got some new ones of these - pm me if you’re interested.

  • I am loving them, with TRP compression-less cable kit they feel as good as hydro setup

  • Looking to sell some of these bad boys - not entirely sure on price?
    condition of pads is "goodish" I'd say atleast another two months worth of commuting...
    callipers and levers are really good condition, no major scratches or marks etc

    I guess offer me a price.?

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  • Shimano road hydraulics runs BH 59 for some reason instead of BH 90, I've never swapped of mixed the two together so it's a mere observation.

  • I've mixed and matched, worked fine :)

  • I’m wondering about Chang g my trp spyre hy/rd for full hydraulic.
    My Genesis CdF has IS mount but most brakes are now flat mount. I’ve emailed Genesis and they say there is an IS to post mount adaptor which will then take the 105 brake. I’ve had a good look but can’t see how it would all work. Has anyone done this? And if so which adaptors?

  • You'd be better off mixing and matching levers to a post mount caliper, or keep your levers and go for a semi hydraulic caliper and some compressionless outer cable. Get juintech not hy/Rd though.

  • You'll find a lot of older, post mount brakes with huge discounts if you shop around.

  • Hello,

    I have SRAM Rival Hydro on a Canyon. I've had it about 2/3 years and for this whole time, the brakes squeal like HELL in the wet. I have tried keeping rotors immaculately clean, changing pads, using different types of pad but the result is always the same. It's a horrid noise that's embarrassing if you're riding down a busy street in the wet, giving everybody a fright. It's a cruel trick that in occasions when you need braking power the most, you're at your most reticent to use it... any tips on that front?

    Additionally, in the past year or so, the front lever gets incredibly spongy and eventually becomes easy to pull right back to the drop. The pads have been changed and LBS confirmed the system doesn't need bleeding, they just adjusted the reach and told me to crack on. But about 2-3 months down the line, the lever is in the same position as it was. Braking on the front is therefore middling at best.

    Would appreciate some input, am hoping to transplant the groupset and brakes onto a new bike so be nice to get over some of these niggles when that happens. Thanks!

  • In the same boat with Rival 1, I'm not sure if the reach screw is slowly unwinding - otherwise am out of ideas.

    On the noise, I found that checking alignment and following a bedding in procedure helped a little but the front is nearly always bad when wet - likely related to contaminants off the road. The front brake gets hosed in crap, possibly from the mudguards.

  • My thinking r.e. the reach screw is the same.

    Am with you on the noise issue too, its definitely worse on the front. The combination of these issues has lead me to be very much on the fence regarding disc brakes on road bikes. I'm not sold.

  • The combination of these issues has lead me to be very much on the fence regarding disc brakes on road bikes. I'm not sold.

    Replace it with R7020, job done.

  • Yeah cos Shimano disc brakes are immune from squealing...

  • SRAM Rival squeal

    Try taking your brakepads out and see if they are getting wear equally and over the whole surface. If not the brake caliper is slightly misaligned, still brakes fine but can give noise.

    Also how worn is the rotor? Is it shiny silver (good) or dull?

    This is bad: :)

  • The front rotor has always been very very slightly out of true (probably came like that), which doesn't help on the noise front (will sometimes squeak even when not wet) - they're most likely quite worn now too - I'm guessing 12,000km or so. How long should we expect them to last?

    thanks for the tip

  • I'm guessing 12,000km or so.


  • 12,000km and you still don't know if it's worn out??

  • LIke, I usually see rotor worn out between 1500km to 3000km (customer's milage varies) but 12,000? sound like your entire system need an overhaul.

  • Wait. Worn out at 1500km? So change rotors twice for every chain change?

    I need to check mine out then

  • Depends if you just ride up hill or just downhill

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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