Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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  • I have this problem too.

  • Thanks - will try and keep my balls where they're needed.

  • Also that's still £20 quid more and 6 weeks of sitting waiting and wishing.

    The second result on that page is £40.22 for a pair with rotors

  • Flat mount...

    Looks like there are some for 50ish when you search (including shipping)...still previous point stands. If I'm gonna use aliexpress I want to be saving money for the hassle of dealing with Chinese shipping, difficult returns and rubbish refunds.

    £46 for a set of decent disc brakes* from a UK seller with PayPal protection seems pretty good to me. Spyers go for that much used.

    *May still be shit - let's see.

  • Post...

    But yeah I know.
    (Postage isn't free on these anyway which I only just noticed)

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  • Sram centreline rotors are like 30 quid aren't they?

  • Bargain.

  • On that subject - does anyone have a couple of spare 160 center lock rotors knocking about? I have 6 bolt ones for dayz but my new wheels say no.

  • DT swiss adapters work well

    or shimano's:

  • DT's one looks super practical!

  • They do - but they cost the same as buying similar spec discs that are sat in my box - I'm wondering if someone upgraded to icetech or something, and has a pair of partially used low end centrelocks they'd part with for the cost of one of those adapters (£13 or so)....

  • Yes, I forgot you probably should not buy the dt swiss ones as new. Steep price...

  • Much much happier now.

    Solid predictable braking. Passed the Anerley Hill traffic lights by the station test.

    No plans to change setup.

  • Woo!

    Anerley hill lights are always a bit

  • the geek in me wanted to change the cables first, see what difference it made, then change the pads and discs, but i didn't have the patience...

  • So - does anyone happen to know if the BR-RS785 that just got delivered with a rubber cap over the end of the hoses are full of juice or not...? Shimano calls the rubber cap 'easy hose joint system'...

    This is going to be my first attempt at chopping and setting up hydro, trying to gauge how much mineral oil I should order with the bleed kit I will inevitably need to coat my kitchen floor in pinkish oil...before going to my lbs to fix it.

  • Got a photo of said cap?

  • Yup - it has two holes near the top, and one in the tip. But is sealed - I cant see the end of the hose.

    after watching a useful video, it seems it should be pre-bleed, and has a clever auto olive system like a j-kit, but built into the shifter... so question:

    If I chop the end off with the j-kit style insert, do I remove the bolt from the caliper, slide it over the hose, add an olive and an insert and away we go - or does this Direct system require a different method to create a perfect seal? #bleedingn00bwithastanleyknife­-08-ENG.pdf (Page 20)

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  • Anyone have any magura disc hose going spare? With the banjo end for MT series? About 100cm of it?

  • Answering my own question - just switch at caliper, much easier.

  • November - front brake (hydro) is howling and useless. Take bike for service, new pads new rotor.

    March - front brake is howling and useless.

    Guessing this means the caliper is fucked and is leaking fluid onto the pads and rotor. I'm minded to replace the bastard with a mechanical caliper because at least I understand that. Will I regret it?

  • Or you could replace the caliper? Out of interest, which one?

  • Deore calipers.

    I could replace the caliper, but this is my first foray into hydro and I've never previously had a brake fail so catastrophically, so now I have a trust problem.

  • Deore brakes are like the AK-47 of brakes. You’ve just been unlucky.

    Buy a new caliper and a bleed kit, it’s so simple to do and will at least restore your trust in your own ability to fix it, if it happens again :)

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Anyone know anything about disc brakes?

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