Body Modification Topic (non tattoo)

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  • I generally go to Etsy these days for plugs, lots of nice things to be had.
    I took a couple of mine out when I got my ears tattooed recently but went up to 16mm on my tunnels, proportion looks better than previously.

  • Anyone had first-hand experience of getting nipples redone? After 18 months my right side just never healed (I'm convinced the piercer fucked up, he seemed to get stuck halfway and kind of dug around to go through) and 2 years ago I gave up and took it out - healed up straight away.
    But now I'm considering trying again. I'm also male so not a huge amount of real estate available if avoiding scar tissue is required. I'd consider a diagonal re-piercing if that would help?

  • I think you just need to go see a piercer and let them squeeze yer nip as they’ll be able to feel the scar tissue within and make the best judgement. I don’t have to balls to get a nip piercing, tattooing it was bad enough.

  • Yah, I guess a personalised opinion is best if they can tell. I can't feel a difference in texture between the two, just the size difference.
    It was one of the most painful thing I've experienced, particularly when he got stuck half way! But couldn't have been that bad if I'm willing to do it again.

  • I’m over having holes poked through me now. Had a fine collection of stuff in my ears and face back in my nu-metal skate tramp days.

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Body Modification Topic (non tattoo)

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