Body Modification Topic (non tattoo)

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  • Armoured gooch?

  • It's an old mod that needs new parts.

  • Good idea that

  • Are you trying to enlarge the hole in your perineum?

  • No, I use stupid races for that.

  • Wildcat?

  • Dublin? Anything closer to London?

  • I've ordered from TDI before. Quality seemed fine to me. Also ordered bone/wood/ivory from Arka.­x.html

    What are you looking for?

  • Didn't you say online? Does it matter where they're based?

  • I probably saw a name rather than URL and just dismissed them as a physical shop.

    Let's pretend for a second I wasn't drunk and I'll say 'fuel costs for delivery' was the reason.

    I've got what I need ordered from the link I posted. Cheers all.

  • I must've looked at their site to know they were in Dublin. Perhaps at the time I thought "ooh I could walk into a shop to see if they have what I want". I really have no idea now. :S
    Or maybe I didn't like their online shop.

  • Fair enough.

  • it was a 10mm BCR for your PA wasn't it?

  • I've ordered from many times and whilst the website looks a bit shit, the quality of the stuff is great.

  • I've used Piercing Mania for plugs recently, ok on delivery times but don't always have everything in stock.

    Use DIS10 for a 10% discount before the end of December if you like

  • I quite enjoy reading Shawn Porter's blog at
    Really good from a 'documentation of the history of mods' perspective. Some NSFW stuff on there so maybe enjoy at home. Really used to enjoy modblog.

  • Some NSFW stuff on there so maybe enjoy at home. Really used to enjoy modblog.

    Not sure how long I spent browsing through that but I'd say I easily tripled the number of penises I've seen.

    Really interesting stuff, cheers for posting.

  • Where is good for regular piercing jewellery?
    Mrs DB has a little bar in her ear, I think it's 1.2mm and she wants a slightly shorter bar and jazzier ends to it.
    Where can these be had for reasonable?
    She looked on Piercing mania but costs were excessive.

  • Going to order one of these.

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  • cant get my one of my lip piercings back in after an interview today. i can get the blunt end of a needle through pretty easily, but not the original piece. vaseline?

  • I had the same problem when I'd mine pierced, any more than an hour or so and it wouldn't want to go back in. If I remember rightly it just took a bit of brute force wiggling to get it back in and thereafter I always made sure to have a clear space holder on hand.

  • had to give up (for now) anyway. think i'll just go to a shop tomorrow.

  • Where are people buying plugs/ tunnels from these days?

    Oh, it's been 3+ years since I last asked this.
    How is everyone's pricings doing?
    I am down to a 14mm hole in my left ear and a piercing half way up the ear (lower part of a rejected scaffold)

    Never managed to get a PA

  • I lost the ball from ball closure ring (don't you hate it when balls drop) so it's now a bar with colourful balls. Who doesn't love colourful balls? #csb

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Body Modification Topic (non tattoo)

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