How long will you continue cycling?

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  • e.g. " for eva "

  • Can't imagine stopping, really. My mum's mid-60s and rides daily, albeit sedately on whichever of her Hercules Balmorals is least broken that day.

  • as long as I am able.

    Can't wait to be one of those sinewy old duffers on an ancient bike that breezes past you whilst you're puffing up some hill somewhere.


  • Next week. Then, quits. For sure.

  • Depends, my health is pretty good right now and my back problems from my 20s have gone but things are definitely getting old and worn in the knee department.
    Hopefully I'll be cycling as long as I'm able, which I'd prefer to be as long as I'm breathing.
    I'll just get progressively more appropriate bikes to make it easier.
    But yeah, I'd love to be cycling when I'm Skeletor.

  • I take inspiration from the likes of clubman on here.

    He can still lay down a decent pace and keep going with people 30 years younger than himself. He has great form on a bike, and an a great economy of energy. Plus when sitting down for tea and cake he has as deviant a sense of humour as anyone else.

    Chapeau to Chris, if I can be half the cyclist he is at that age I will be a very happy man.

  • i hope to go for a while.
    started pretty young...

  • as long as physically possible, seeing as Im 40 this month probably about 15 days more then

  • probably until I break something major, like my brain.

  • Well I've been doing it for 30 years or so and I have no intention of stopping. Perhaps ask me again in 2041, when I hope I shall say "ask me again in 2061"

    I didn't have a bike for 3 years while I was at university up the side of a mountain in Abersytwyth, and I missed it lots. And I had 2 years off the bike after getting hit by a car but other than that I have always ridden bikes.

  • probably until I break something major, like my brain.

    too late, surely?

  • 4 eva.

    (a bit srsly. But I'm slow, so it's easy.)

  • Was speaking to my dad's old teacher last year - he used to cycle everyday (superbly elegant old gent), but gave it up when he fell and broke his hip (not on a bike at the time), he is now afraid of falling and worried about losing balance. This goes for many old people I think, I'm always sad when I see old folk I used to see cycling about, now walking instead. Even my neighbour who isn't really that old (late 60s) - he still cycles a fair distance out to his allotment, but these days only cycles on the pavement and wears high vis and a helmet. Nothing wrong with that (except the pavement bit) but he didn't think it necessary a few years ago.

    So, 4 eva. But probably until I get the fear. If I even get to be that old.

  • My mother is a nurse and has a patent who is part of a Tandem couple. In their 70s would do day trip rides of 80 mile RT to go for a coffee, ride several times a week, lyrcaed up riding everywhere apparently. They would come into the surgery on the tandem. Then a few months ago husband became ill and went from active to dead in only a few weeks. Apparently the now windowed women has stopped riding. Sad but understandable.

  • My Dad's 80 and cycles most days, is out with 3 clubs a week winter and summer, I'm not competitative but I hope to do at least as well...
    So at least the next 30 years would be my plan.­d=1495&pictureid=8821

  • ^That's his A S Gillott on top of my Prince, he had it made when he was 21 in '51.

  • awesome!

  • ^^ superb

  • There's so much love going on in that pic, I didn't know whether to puke a bit or shed a tear.

    I went for the latter.


  • As long as cycling keeps me going.

  • My Dad's 80 and cycles most days,­d=1495&pictureid=8821

    good stuff, i love the love/respect on your face

  • i wish my dad was into cycling even a little bit. can i say im a little bit jealous of that photo


  • I'm not seeing the pic, is anyone?

  • i wish my dad was into cycling even a little bit. can i say im a little bit jealous of that photo


    Have a kid, get him or her into cycling. There are worse reasons for procreating (many of them 40° proof).

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How long will you continue cycling?

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