Replacement Reynolds stickers?

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  • The other day i stupidly tore an scratched up my seat tube reynolds sticker while putting my bike onto a bike stand.
    I was wondering if there is a way to get a legitimate replacement, do i need to call up reynolds and verify that my bike is reynolds (853...) and they just send me a set of stickers? or is it just impossible to obtain replacements.
    Would love to hear any feedback.

  • Which particular era were you looking for?

  • You might be able to purchase a replacement from 14bikeco... I know they have them for 853 custom frames they build ;)

  • FromĀ­al/1:

    "Reynolds are the only company able to supply replacement decals, as we hold the brand design registrations. We offer a replacement decal service, provided the make, model and serial number of the frame for which the decal is intended can be provided in writing or by email. There is a small cost for decals, and these can be paid via Paypal.

    Often the decal provided will not be identical to the one on the frame, and will be a more modern design. The pre-1981 design decals and the French decals were made of a material that had a short 'use by' date and so they are no longer available."

  • Holy Bejesus...

    My frame is a Paul Donohue track frame (this very one infact) :

    @andypancake Thankyou

    @ffub Duh google is my friend i will think in future. Danker...

  • we've had customers get replacements from reynolds direct - as it says, same as current stock, rather than the same era

  • These are the best but I don't think there are any left ;)

  • This dude is the source for reproduction decals

  • have you tried hlloyd?

    got about every other decal under the sun

  • Good timing - read this

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Replacement Reynolds stickers?

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