For Sale: Look Ergostems & Crumpler

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  • Two stems for sale, both 26mm. The grey one probably looks nicer because I didn't give it a crappy paint job:

    Note that the spacers/washers/whatever are a bit rusty or grimy, I'm not sure which (here's a pic). Maybe a little of both. I scraped some off but then I stopped because I didn't want to scratch up the stem. Also one of the bolts is shorter than the other, and rusty; I've rooted around in my big drawer of bolts for a replacement but come up empty. That said, the stem works perfectly fine. SOLD

    This one used to be yellow. Ahem. See also this and this for further evidence of its ugly duckling status. But as with the stem above, it works fine. SOLD

    Here they are fighting it out:

    And here they are having makeup sex afterwords.

    Crumpler bag

    Inner dimensions 15+" wide x 10+" deep. It's at least a few years old, not used much, no tears or anything, cosmetically OK with a few minor blotches. Here it is open. There's a padded section. SOLD

    Prefer cash sale, and to deliver to you in centralish London.

  • I think you should start an 'ergo sex' thread - I would subscrbe ;)

  • PMd

  • dibs on the ergostem!

  • the first one.

  • undibs!

  • dibs crappy spray job one.

  • flickwg & peter and dave, you have PM. Meanwhile, until these are sold...

    I think you should start an 'ergo sex' thread - I would subscrbe

    When a man presses the jaghana or middle part of the woman's body against his own, and mounts upon her to practise, either scratching with the nail or finger, or biting, or striking, or kissing, the hair of the woman being loose and flowing, it is called the 'embrace of the jaghana'.

    Auparishtaka or mouth congress

    When a woman stands on her hands and feet like a quadruped, and her lover mounts her like a bull, it is called the 'congress of a cow'. At this time everything that is ordinarily done on the bosom should be done on the back.

  • Almost NSFW!

  • ok no one is allow to buy the stems.
    this has to continue.

  • Have brought down the price of the bag from £25 to £20, and just wanted to say that although it's older it really is in pretty decent shape. I never got on with it as after buying it I realised I prefer backpacks.

    For today's Ergo Kama Sutra we consider foreplay:

    When a woman, clinging to a man as a creeper twines round a tree, bends his head down to hers with the desire of kissing him and slightly makes the sound of sut sut, embraces him, and looks lovingly towards him, it is called the 'twining of a creeper'.

  • Isn't that lesbian ergo sex?
    Maybe you should try to mate with a quill type.
    I can offer mine for GBP 100.- a day excl. expenses.

  • ^ homophobic ;)

  • And then there was onan.

  • Tried it on with a 3T I have kicking around, but there's no magic.

    New! Improved! price, £40.
    Note again that I'm after a London sale.

  • With apologies to the National Lampoon of yore. As for the free innertube [700 x 20/28, 48mm valve] if you buy the stem, it's a cheap stunt not worthy of this forum. I got a bunch of these at a sale at Condor the other day and am willing to sacrifice one for the cause of legitimately bumping this thread.

    I'm not always around, and the forwarding doesn't always seem to work, so please contact me at sussexcyclist @ gmail . com with 'lfgss' in the subject field if interested.

  • Crumpler's now sold, this'll be my last bump. Buy innertube for £40, get Ergostem thrown in for free.

    on edit: not my last bump after all; see below. And please don't hold me to the innertube offer.

  • Innertube = condoms for Ergosex? ;)

  • I'll miss this thread when everything is sold.

  • Never managed to sell this, so here's another price drop. Also makes a nice bookend.

    I can mail it to you (postage extra) or drop it off if you're in London.

    PS. Actually it makes a crap bookend.


  • Dibs on the bookend (pending postage). PM-ed

  • 2nd dibs on the bookend

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For Sale: Look Ergostems & Crumpler

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