Atomic 22 / Infiniti 3D security system and skewers

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  • agree, such a great product - and i actually think the price was justified. shame to see it go this way

  • Website is still live. Maybe they are selling the remaining Tribe sets.

    Are there any other options for bolt on track hubs?

  • They're not selling anything any more.

  • This should be interesting to those that wanted Atomic22 but now can't­lox/hexlox-anti-theft-for-saddles-wheels­-and-more-made

    Looks to be the real deal, properly functioning prototypes tested etc.

  • This looks fantastic!

  • Put myself down for the wheels, figure it's a decent upgrade from my pitlock.

    Reckon these are more effective than atomic22?

  • Well these can't be picked by the Berlin lockpicking society (I don't know who they are either, but I'm going to be very stereotypical here and say German lockpickers are probably quite thorough) and the original Atomic22's could be got into with enough force etc., they ended up getting new tooling and throwing away loads of bits to essentially re-design it.

    So I'd say yeah, at least as effective as Atomic22, probably more so

  • I'd been starting to look at options as I'm worried about damaging my wheel key, these hexlocks sound really interesting. Thanks for the link!

  • For exposed bolts like on a Phil Wood hub they don't work. You would need to get some kind of bolt with a tapered head so mole grips are not able to grab on to. On my bike I have exposed wheels and the seat post and saddle bolts are exposed. Atomic was the only solution I found so far.

    Anyone try the Gravity nuts from Kryptonite?

  • Just ordered these WheelNutz ill feed back. Look like a good design.

  • I'm on the list for theses skewers with my hexlox order, tapered with a tab to stop the mole grip attack.

  • Had to dig this out as I’m looking for something similar, found my bike without a front qr the other day, very unpleasant surprise.
    Someone had a go at it, didn’t touch the rear as I throw a beast of a d lock on there, front has a hip lock chain through it. QR skewer gone, mudguard unclipped and brake opened to get the wheel out, but the chain untouched, couldn’t get the wheel so I guess someone at least made sure I had to walk back?
    Looking at these types of skewers but everything seems too short as I have a front carrier mounted (tried the Pinhead). Can’t do Kryptonite as that mounts in the actual fork dropout which in my case is blocked by the rack brackets.
    Any other options out there? Thinking of potentially just using two rear ones of any system?
    Doesn’t have to be very secure as I will still throw locks on, it’s just to make sure the skewers are actually still there after 10+ hours.

  • Thanks, but that uses the dropout to secure one side of the wheel, same as Kryptonite ones. Need something that simply tightens up.

  • I use a halo front hex skewer and a hexlock in the hex nut.

  • Will look at it, thanks!

  • I've got a set of the 5-sided security skewers which I thought might be more secure than the normal 6-sided Allen key ones. My only comment with them is the threaded side is quite deep, bigger than on the Allen fitting ones, and it's knurled, which would make it quite easy to simply stick a mole grip on and twist it undone. I don't therefore feel like they're any more secure than the 6-sided ones to justify the extra cost and carrying an additional tool.

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Atomic 22 / Infiniti 3D security system and skewers

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