Atomic 22 / Infiniti 3D security system and skewers

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  • Indeed. I am pursuing my absent order with Sussex trading standards. The business is presumably dead in the water, which is a shame.

    I have neither heard nor received anything at all (ordered product, any response to multiple emails) since placing and paying for an order on 3rd October.

  • Their accounts for last year (looking them up on Companies House) look abysmal, so I wouldn't be too surprised to hear they're in trouble, shame too as I wanted to get a few bits and I'd rather have rather paid a bit more for them over Pitlocks.

  • I hope they're doing OK. Got several of the bolts and no spare keys!!

  • They never sent me invoices for two orders, I have even chased asking them so I could pay.

  • Well, I have received nothing at all from Patrick or Atomic22, but I have now secured a refund of my payment using PayPal's dispute resolution mechanism.

    The Atomic22 website is still apparently 'open for business', but I strongly advise anyone considering a purchase not to do so.

    The business has clearly failed, which is a great shame. Brilliant product, too niche. I'm glad I have a set of spare keys!

  • That's a shame because it really is a fantastic product.
    The worst customer service I have ever experienced though.

    I wonder if there is anywhere out there that can make a copy of an existing key?

  • Yes, I had noticed that too. I can't imagine they will turn up to Bespoked. If indeed the business has failed, then Patrick should man up and say so.

    He's certainly lost a great deal of goodwill by ignoring so many loyal customers.

    Any decent CAD mill equipped workshop should be able to make copies of existing keys. I am able to pursue that with my employer, and will do so.

  • I just find it crazy that seemingly a reputable people can act like this, even when they're in a bad place. They could at least put a message up on the website to stop people ordering.

    Good to know that a new can get made, will do some research and see how much it will cost.

  • It's worth finding the pitlock thread on here.

  • I have a pitlock for my rear wheel already.
    I have an atomic22 seatpost clamp which I wouldn't mind a spare key for.

  • I guess a pitlock seatpost clamp would probably be cheaper than getting a spare key made.

  • Anybody hear anything regarding atomic22 since it started having issues?

  • Their business is insolvent:
    Assets £8.6k, Liabilities £290.8k and the net worth is £-260.5k

    Completely fucked up how their website still accepts orders.

  • Ta for the info. Agreed totally shite that their site is till taking orders.

  • £-260.5k oh my god how!?!

    also need a spare key haha

  • £-260.5k oh my god how!?!

    I expect they bought some equipment and raw materials on credit.

    Quite how whatever equipment and materials that remains isn't on the assets side I don't know.

  • £-260.5k oh my god how!?!

    A long weekend of hookers & blow, obvs

  • More like a much are hookers?

  • Always buy the best you can afford my dude, and if that runs in to the tens of thousands, so be it.

    I'm really really upset to see the way this is going - I've met Patrick a bunch of times, and had a set of bolts to test while I was working at Kinoko. He and his wife seem like absolutely fantastic people and I hate to think it's going so badly for them. No excuse for the lack of email contact though, that's shoddy.

    It's SUCH a good product, I wish we knew what the crack is ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hookers made from gold

    I'm 50% philistine in terms of awareness of the costs involved in buying the equipment and materials needed to produce Atomic22 products but can it really be THAT much?

  • CNC machines for toughened stainless steel - have no idea what they'd cost.

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Atomic 22 / Infiniti 3D security system and skewers

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