For Sale: Harry Quinn 653 road frame

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  • ello

    I've got a very tasty Harry Quinn road frame for sale.
    It's built from Reynolds 653 tubing and is therefore nice and featherweight.
    Genuine handbuilt frame - number stamped on bb shell seems to be Q1138.

    Seat-tube = 58cm c-t
    Top-tube = 56 c-c
    Rear spacing = 126mm but can* easily* accomodate modern 130mm axels
    Seat post = 27.2

    This is a very, very nice frame with what seems to be an original paint scheme and original decals. Lovely tight angles, beautiful lugged fork etc..

    There are one or two parts of fairly intense rust, principally on the rear brake bridge and the drive-side rear stay (see photos). However I've had these looked over by several mechanics and a frame builder an am assured the frame is 100% structurally sound. Other than that, the frame is in very passable condition, and in many ways I feel it would be a shame to re-spray, given the frankly awesome blue and white fade currently found on the frame!

    Anyway this is brilliant frame from British frame-building legend and is yours for a mere £SOLD collected from Green Lanes (N4 1JX)

    more pics here -­/benjybars/harry%20quinn/

  • Niiiiiiiiice.. Free bumpage..

  • That paint job looks like it's from Tron

  • Does it leave a blue trail behind when you ride it?

  • Smashing. Did the mechanic say whether the rust would need to be taken care of?
    If my stuck seatpost cannot be removed from my 853 project, I might want this.

  • I'd be interested in the headset....and the frame if I had more dough...but yeah the headset for sure if the buyer doesn't need it.

  • the small parts of rest are merely a touch unsightly and in no way compromise the integrity of the frame :-)

    the paintjob isn't quite as flourescent as it seems in the photos.. the blue is a bit more like a royal blue.. as with all Harry Quinn frames, it's beautifully finished.

  • found a perfect sized box for this yesterday so i'd be happy to post the frame at cost..

  • ...

  • Beaut.
    If I wasn't feeling so vigilant on clearing space I'd be all over this.

  • thats the craziest paint job i ever seen, looks like its photo-shopped into the picture

  • yeah as i say the paintjob is a fair bit 'quieter' in the flesh.

    still a buffting tho..

  • thats a bit steep u can can a new 1 for that

  • well restored

  • thats a bit steep u can can a new 1 for that

    A new what ? Harry Quinn bikes stopped being made in the 90's. £130 is a damn good price for a late 70's(i presume) road frame in such good nic.

  • ...

  • thats a bit steep u can can a new 1 for that

  • I suspect stevethebikeman is trying to get out of the nursery

  • Maybe he meant the angles.

  • He is, after all, a bikesman.

  • He is, after all, a bikesman.

    yeah far be it from me to question the wisdom of a real-life bonafide 'bikeman' , but he is unfortunately chatting pure breeze.

    anyway, come now.. someone buy the Quinn!

  • fuck sake.. price drop to £115.

  • Dibs

  • I can't believe you still have this!!!

  • Sold.

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For Sale: Harry Quinn 653 road frame

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