Fashion eyewear, NHS glasses, sunglasses and more

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  • I have finally received my prescription POC Require sunglasses, probs not aero but hipster dreamboat Alex Howes races in them, so they must be good…right?
    I got the reacto-light (or whatever that’s called these days) and polarised. I wouldn’t recommend polarised because certain things give off a kinda acid flashback rainbow trail to some people (like me).

    I used a company called Eyekit. The glasses are brilliant exactly what I ordered, but…The lead time was given as 3 weeks. I was happy really for double that in the current climate. It took 4 months after multiple emails that culminated in me cancelling the order and asking for the money back. Mysteriously the glasses arrived next day.

    So the answer is maybe not Eyekit.

    And yeah contacts suck

  • Are there any good shops in town that have a large range of Oakleys? I really need to try some before shelling out £300 on prescription shit that falls off my face or whatever. (other than Sunglass Hut on pOxford St)

  • The Oakley shop in Covent Garden

  • Do we have a Forum approved place to send frames away to get lenses put in got 2 frames cheap in tk max that need my prescription in too.

  • Ta 👍👍👍

  • Not in London but our local optician was Oakley approved and would do the business. They have switched to Nike as their go-to sports brand now, but I would look for independent opticians.

  • How long does it take to get used to new glasses?

    Bought a cheap pair after an eye test to test if there'd be much difference and it seems I'm trading a little bit of long distance sharpness for a lot of negatives - close up stuff is the 'wrong' distance away (cue: stumbling over uneven ground) and they make me feel a bit sick (last night's Jack isn't helping) and there's a tonne of frame in my vision which is annoying.

    Not much point being able to read signs 100m away if I fall over before I get near them.

  • I'd generally give it 24 hours, but I've had opticians make mistakes in setting up lenses and frames before, so I wouldn't hesitate to bring it to a shop and go through the issues, to see if they can intuit if there's a possible mistake in the setup.

  • Anyone with experience of Dolomiti frames? I like round glasses (Dolomiti REALLY like round glasses) but have often had problems finding quality frames with a wide enough bridge. The model that draws me most is the RC4/C - these would be filled with G15 lenses, for driving.

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Fashion eyewear, NHS glasses, sunglasses and more

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