2011-02-27 Sun - Ride East

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  • Nice photos.
    I look properly grumpy in them. I assure you though, I was having a lovely time!

  • Great pictures!

  • Big fan of the gent on his Don Louis

  • yeah. dapper looking guy.

  • Awesome pics! There's also one of me looking grumpy but nice to see what my jumper looked like before I dripped blood all over it

  • First of my Pics from the Ride Sunday.

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  • Having a mare with the rest of my pics will try later

  • this looked like an amazing ride, I missed out.

    is there another planned?

    I need to pop my lfgss first ride cherry.

  • this looked like an amazing ride, I missed out.

    Well, there are a lot more photos of the sunny part of the ride

  • Well, there are a lot more photos of the sunny part of the ride

    a photo of the lift operator whilst giving us a telling off would have DEFINITELY gone down well

  • I had to give it a miss. Arrived after midnight and the little one puked on board of the plane.

  • A few more pics hopefully

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  • Loved it! It was also my first ride… could've done without the rain towards the end. Thanks for organising!

  • Hi TheorySwine and Chriscofferson - thanks for the kind words - not sure what point I was trying to make in Nigel's above pic of me on the ferry but I don't remember it being as painful as it looks!

    Was a great mix of bikes, people and weather!

  • Yet another fun day in the saddle organised by John/Ma3k - well done as usual.

    Can't say I was won over by the south, it was all rain and cobbles. But overall it was a really great ride!

    North rules! OK!

    "Rain and cobbles", how very dare you, I'll remind you that there was also cement works, sand, walls of OSB, disused industrial sites, dog shit, pubs with no Guinness, boarded off areas where we had to walk … I could go on. Oh, and of course the "Thames Greenway" which didn't have any trees, grass or flowers!

    I still haven't read anyone biggin' up the south yet!

  • good photos david.

  • cheers henry, check back more to come...

  • Had a great time and was nice to meet everyone, ride was beautiful even when we got lost he he, and pub was great fun, thank you \dimi3 for helping me out with my flat wheel.

  • ??

    (I think you mean Joe Waugh!)

    Ewwwwwww !! hahaha
    Cheers billybob, can you believe I nearly got her powder coated...phew!

    My bike porn of the day hands down, goes to Rowans Argos. words cannot describe how beautiful that bike is (to me)....speechless. and ya don't see that everyday!

  • +1 - I see you viewing, Rowan...

  • Ooo! and great photos guys, thanks for sharing : )

  • rowan has a super nice bike. youknowboutargos.

  • Good ride, and a first forum ride for my wife, who enjoyed it despite the rain. Many thanks to John for organising and to Velo Libre for your hospitality at the pub in Greenwich.

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2011-02-27 Sun - Ride East

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