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  • I briefly met BEE in a disco around the time of his bonkers fashion novel

    Amazing/random! How did that come about?

  • In addition to the RAB suggestions, I would add in Haglofs, Montane, Marmot, Mammut, Mountain Hardwear, Patagonia or for max hypebeast points: Arcyteryx.

    Ebay seem to always has decent stock of all these brands.

  • What size I'll take it off ya hands:)

  • Have you checked out service works?

    I would buy their stuff but it has drawcord rather than belted waist which is no good for my d-lock habit.

  • Feathered Friends rules, I just got the Rock and Ice.
    We still get winter out here.

  • Oh we getting into niche expensive down? Add Cumulus to that list for the Europeans.

    Timmermade and Nunatak for American’s. Made to order and will last forever. Katabatic also about to release a down jacket. Incredibly happy with the quality of the down quilt and bivy I own that Katabatic make. Buy once cry once.

  • No love for Goldwin?

  • Torre Parka looks similar to mine - I looked at Canada Goose (owned one years ago but it was at least one, maybe two sizes too big, constantly pumped freezing air throughout!) and was interested in the Westmount because of the length and warmth but opted for the FF because it was rated warmer and seemed to shut the door on draughts. This has been born out so far, though it hasn’t been cold enough to really test it.

  • I like Goldwin but google Timmermade and Nunatak and look at their websites compared to Goldwin 😂 Literally made by men in their garages.

  • Yeah, FF stuff looks impeccable. If I ever needed a sleeping bag over a quilt, it’s be a FF (or maybe Western Mountaineering).

    I will probably buy a Timmermade down sweater for next years backpacking season. The Tahoe Rim Trail and Wonderland Trails are on my list and it should be perfect for those.

  • Nice sweater, never thought I’d have a use for such a lightweight down thing but my older Montbell of that type has been useful many times over the years. Only put one hole in it from a campfire and shoegoo (I think) took care of it.

  • Wow the price of some of these jackets is crazy

  • I just caught up on the last two years of this thread and man's not wrong about this:

    From what I've seen so far it's mostly golf club cunts flashing their cash on status symbols.

    Some of the prices of the stuff posted/boast posts are pretty obscene.

    I need to buy some new clothes though and I can't afford any of the shit posted in here so obviously I'm evil too, because my budget means I'm going to find it hard to avoid fast fashion.

  • Owl posted a link to the folk sale above - that's all nice stuff and the sale prices put it probably on a par with high st (which is ace for the quality - I've got 10yr+ folk stuff still going strong)

  • I really like arket. It’s pretty well made, basic and cheap enough.

  • Friend was modelling her own stuff at a ropey regional fashion show (she actually won the competition then went back to art and poetry). BEE was there looking shifty so I had a brief chat with him.

    Long gone Kaiser of the Klubs era..

  • Concur.. Sweatshirts are the best value I've found.

  • I just caught up on the last two years of this forum

    Isn't it?

  • sales coming in thick and fast this year..... EXCLUSIVE30 for 30% off at MrP - some brand and collection exclusions

  • I need to buy some new clothes though and I can't afford any of the shit posted in here so obviously I'm evil too, because my budget means I'm going to find it hard to avoid fast fashion

    IME this thread has historically been a great place for advice on nice clothing regardless of budget. If you ask for budget recommendations, chances are you'll get some really helpful suggestions. Likewise, if budget is less of an issue people will point you towards so really well-made kit from companies you'll likely never of heard of that often (not always) have better sustainable and ethical credentials.

    I get that the initial outlay for some of these items is a fucker and unreachable for some but i don't get the animosity on here lately.

  • Other than looking for specific brands at TKMaxx (last few years' purchases have been Carhartt, Dickies, Edwin, Folk, Common People), ebay often has plenty of hardly worn stuff from nicer brands. Suppose those I've listed aren't that far removed from fast-fashion, if at all - but at least at a personal level I'll wear fewer things for longer.

    For the usual suspects (for me, anyway!) - Albam, Universal Works, Engineered Garments et al. - if you find actual auctions as opposed to buy-it-now you can get really good deals on stuff.

  • @Fox - fast fashion is a very specific type of rushed to market, trend based clothing. It encourages constant consumerism while wearing the clothes very little, before discarding them and moving onto something new.

    I don’t think you mean what you say.

    If you want to buy new, you can buy clothes from Uniqlo, which are incredibly affordable, are good quality and most of the time are timeless in their appearance. They’re cheap but IMO do not equate to fast fashion because they don’t go out of style.

  • Late refresh fail

    Re down jackets

    The thing is in the UK you don't need any of this expensive stuff. A uniclo down will be plenty.

    Obvs if you're in New York or whatever then you need something serious for winter.

    Fwiw Moncler was a joke suggestion by me based on listening to a lot of UK Drill. Idk if they're any good.

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