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  •, Sweden’s eBay equivalent. Paid £80ish.

    It’s quite rare to find high end menswear on there but when you do you can get a bargain. Picked up a North Sea Clothing submariner for £80 as well a while ago. Been wanting one for years.

  • ah cool 80 is a fair price for them might set an ebay search up for some myself :)

  • The sid trousers are also decent.

  • Universal works do a tropical track pant which is amazing.

  • I bought these shoes, really like them, but they're just a bit too small, can't find any in the size up and have gone with another option. Wondered if anyone would be interested - I paid £56 with next day delivery and would take £50 to save the hassle of returning. I've tried on once. They are size 10s (I'm usually 10.5) and I'd say they're a small 10, maybe more a 9.5. If you'd like them, I'm in Honor Oak.­/novss20stamaswhigum

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  • Not even sure it was this thread, and sorry for the dredge, but who makes your favourite N1 jacket in a non-slimmed style? I know @JB had some ideas. Doesn't have to be N1 specifically, but it needs to be short, warm, natural materials and made with more attention to quality than price point.

  • How about an A-2 ? Though, I am pretty sure the lining of an A-2 is more often than not nylon. But it fits the short and warm specification without looking like you're playing dress up.

    The Buzz version is nice if you can find one.

    N1's are tricky because IMO the ones that are actually nice and really well made are also the most repro-like and hence are a very slim fit. You might try the Mister Freedom N1H. Likely more inspired-by and less repro.

  • jb pretty much covered everything, but as a slight add, a good shout would be to keep an eye on here if you're not already:­uterwear

    they have quite a constant flow of workwear faves turning up, you might get lucky.

    having a quick google about ironheart seems to have discontinued theirs but it looked good and they're usually cut a bit wider or at least have a very broad size range

  • Eh, thanks. I know Freewheelers version is slimmer than most, I guess it partly depends on the length of the jacket - I'm smallish in the waist but my hip bones flare out enough to make longer shirts and jackets too snug or ride up.

  • Thanks, will look into those options too.

  • I prefer the A-1 for it’s knit collar over the A-2.
    I lust after the mouton collars of some of the other ones though.

    Hard to find garment dimensions on these, just like so much clothing out there, sigh.

  • I’ve looked at Marrkt in the past, will again, thanks.

  • Where for good, classic, basic tshirts? I’ve bummed about in muji t-shirts for years. Fit was great for me - always a no-brainer purchase, medium straight off the shelf. But they’ve changed the fabric blend and I’m not so keen on the increasingly limited colour palette anymore. Tried Uniqlo - fit wasn't good for me.

    (No logos)

  • I have an estimated 20 COS t-shirts in a range of colours.
    They do seem to change the neck opening width and sometimes the seam width too every now and then though. If they'ld stick to the one I like I wouldn't complain but they're easily acquired second hand if like me you don't mind buying used.

  • I've been using Uniqlos basic tees for a few years. Not super quality but I like the fit and good value for money. Not sure how they rate ethically though tbh, will prob try and find a better alternative for my next batch of white everyday tees

  • Colorful Standard is worth a look... expensive but the quality is good and their workers are paid properly.

  • One of the best fits for me has been the reiss bless t shirt in small - I'm a 38"chest but with broad shoulders. Have tons of arket, cos as well, uniqlo again not perfect but a couple of those as well.

    Up a price bracket and the sunspel (in M) are incredible; fit, quality, shape, longevity. I've had mine for years in various colours and they are going strong whereas the cos ones are a bit battered.

  • I just wear Uniqlo U tshirts. I like the fit and thickness of cotton.

  • is this the new american apparel?

  • Kinda. They have fewer scandals and immigration law violations, AFAIK.

    There is actually a new "American Apparel" from the original guy:

  • Thanks all. I shall now embark on a shopping spree, one of my least favourite endeavours...

  • My cheap A-1 experiment didn’t pan out, so back onto the search for my ideal winter work jacket. Still thinking about an N-1, because I like and require a short jacket for my purposes.
    I’ve upped my budget to include The Real McCoy’s, anyone felt the difference between the regular and SPL ones?
    On the further end of the price spectrum I’m also considering a D-1 shearling - I hear that recently Eastman quality has dropped and Aero might be a better option, plus it’s a lot cheaper.

  • Have not tried the SPL but the regular is luxurious enough by itself so the SPL must be real nice.

    I would definitely be sure to check out the buzz N-1 too. Buzz is obviously cheaper and just as good IMO.

  • Ah yeah, got mixed up between the basic and special versions of the Buzz, it’s a fair bit less.

  • I don’t think you did. There’s a special and normal McCoy’s version.

    And then a Buzz N-1 too.

    I was saying that the standard McCoy’s version is very nice, but the Buzz version is also and is much cheaper than even the standard McCoy’s version.

    IMO McCoy’s are a bit all over the place as of recent. The direction they’re heading in is a bit strange and their collection doesn’t have much coherency. They’re also charging more than they ever have (I appreciate that manufacturing and material costs have gone up), but it’s to the point that it’s a bit ridiculous and not worth the cost - again - in my opinion.

    Whereas Buzz/Toyo Enterprises as a whole have kept things decent and are still making fantastic repros, as they always have at pretty approachable prices.

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