Proper leather shoes

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  • That’s a false argument. “Just because someone does X then Y is absolutely fine” is not true for all values of X and Y.

  • Fair but it’s true for some Xs and Ys, where it’s a matter of degree - espadrilles are canvas and rope so fail fully on the “proper leather” test. DMs are definitely leather and in some forum eyes proper enough to feature, even if only for nut cracking.

  • Just for @dancing james; some IMproper leather shoes. Also the answer to the question posed by Slaughter and The Dogs in September 1977.

    The ones on the left are late 70s originals.

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  • I've come around to the idea that docs are 'proper' as it seems they can now be resoled (I'm aware that a good cobbler could do it before but now they are advertised as being rebuildable/resolable)

    Also I believe the Loake's with the DM alike soles are made (or assembled) by Solovair

  • Are they attaching the soles with a different method now?

  • I don't know, just noticed they had begun mentioning them being goodyear welted etc...

  • My docs brogues (10 plus years old) were resoled by Timpsons a year ago, they did a great job

  • Yeah, don’t think so, those yellow stitches are just for IDing DMs.­rCg&t=14s

  • Picked up a (used) pair of Red Wing chukkas.
    Great condition, probably only used a dozen times or so.
    Took the dog for a walk and found out why, right heel now has a blister.

    Need to relace them tighter and break them in a bit.

    Not complaining for £120, with a tin of mink oil, polishing cloth and a little brush too.

  • Around here,Leeds, it is deemed unlucky to place footwear on tables. Just saying.

  • They have footwear in Leeds now?

    Also considered bad luck down Sarf, but fuck it....... Aaaand here comes the meteorite.

  • My girlfriend has an alternative version of this where it's only unlucky with new footwear.

  • My eBay Red Wing chukkas are up there with my favourite shoes now.

    Worth bearing with it imo.

  • Clogs

    (I have been briefly chased through Headingly by a group of clog shod New Model Army fans “The Militia”.
    They lost control at the first rainy corner and I skipped away proving that Docs are proper shoes.)

  • They say there is no rest for the wicked ones. But there is inappropriate footwear.

  • They have footwear in Leeds now

    From its dearth of good footwear shops you could think there was a problem.

    @Aggi looking back, think it may be the same. Whoops.

    @dibble when I moved to the train depot in Leeds in 84 the only supplied safety footwear was steel toed, steel shod clogs.

  • I adore my Solovair shoes (particularly as they've moulded to my disgusting bunion'd feet).

    Any reccos for a good cobbler in the south west (I'm in Bristol) that will resole with official soles from Solovair? Happy with mail-order too.

    PS, some good prices on Solovair kicks at The Hip Store just now:­vair/

  • I've only just this minute realised why solovair is so named.

  • Pretty sure Solovair do resoles themselves.

    Aside from that, try Original Cobblers I've only used them for Red Wings, but the service was great and their Insta often has them doing something not mentioned on their website.

  • Small number of pairs of Grensons in TK Maxx HSK just now. Dainite sole brogues (£130) and some capped Oxfords (£99) - picked up the latter. Preferred the former, but none my size. Seem like seconds, I think (slightly uneven colour on the backs, but will polish fine).

    Might not need that trip to Northampton now.

  • Looking to get some vibram glue-on half soles & heels on the above to make the leather soles a bit more all-weather. Any suggestions for cobblers west/central?

  • I got Timpsons to do a pair for me, cost about £25.

    Their employment policies for x-offenders­9/apr/06/the-support-never-stops-says-pr­isoner-who-works-at-timpsons

  • Their employment policies for x-offenders

    Yeah, I like this too.

    Think there's one round the corner. Will ask. Ta.

  • £30 pick up this afternoon. Ta again.

  • Half price suede Tricker derbys over here. Looks like this store exclusive wasn't as popular as they hoped.­-castorino-suede-chino

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Proper leather shoes

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