Proper leather shoes

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  • I'd say nothing too shiny with a t shirt so in my wardrobe that means a brown suede Loake or a light cream suede desert boot. Got to be in top condition for a wedding though!

  • Ive got some darker desert boots which are ok, but the maple suede could be a shout.

    Keep seeing loafers with every search but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it.

  • right, who does mules like this? contacted JVAM but they have no more stock...

  • Google shopping showing some results from jp IP address for those

  • I don't know how to do that... I don't think...

    I mean I can't see any results showing this model except two UK based shops, not sure how to adjust my settings for global...

  • Is this one of them?­mules.html

    I long press on the image, choose "search with Google lense" then adjust the box and it brings up options.

    If you're after bigger sizes I think you'll be stuck as they're womens slippers.

    Sorry if I've missed something.

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  • yeah that's one - the other is 'No.3' shop in kent... Google Lens just gives me loads of white jeans etc... ah well, cheers for the help...

    the designer JVAM are a unisex brand and do all the sizes but don't have any more stock...

    Anyone know of anything similar?

  • Google Lens just gives me loads of white jeans etc...

    You need to move or resize the box (I only discovered this the other day).


    • shoes
    • trousers
    • floor

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  • Wrong on so many levels...

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  • Hello proper shoe lovers. I'm selling my size 10 Grensons here.

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  • Visited the JM Weston factory shop yesterday, very odd place… but some pretty cool stuff there…

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  • Clearing out the house preparing for renovation work to begin. Realised I still have some bnib Alden Indy’s - size 10.5.

  • Crackin’ price.

  • Have you tried stretching them? You can stretch new ones a little bit, but if you've worn them a fair amount they're probably as big as they're going to get.

  • I love that site! It's what the internet was invented for.

  • The Barbour site says they're made of nylon, so why not put them in the washing machine? Maybe put them in a bag. Hand wash cycle.

  • Ooooof! Caught a bargain. £40. Tkmaxx

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  • Good score, those Goodyear welted Clark’s are great!!

  • Apologies for sales spam but, anyone interested in these?
    Timberland Boot Co size 10. I’ve owned for 10+yrs but worn sparingly.
    £40 with delivery on me?

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  • I have some Clarks Desert boots that have seen better days, I fancy getting them resoled with a Vibram unit.
    Anyone had this done?
    Seems mad adding a £100 sole to a £85 pair of shoes, but I have had them a fair while.

    The alternative is spunking £260 on some Red Wing chukka boots, but I don't really have £260 kicking about.

    (I also need some Red Wing moc toes resoled, any recommendations for cobblers? current front runner is Original Cobblers in Orpington, as they proudly claim to be the longest running RW resolers in the UK)

  • There’s a place on city road which does vibram soles. Think someone on here used them not that long ago and gave a positive recco

  • I haven't used them myself yet, but will be doing when the time comes.

  • I bought a roughish pair of RW chukkas on ebay and got them re-soled, was less than £100 all in:­

  • I found these for less than half price

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  • Where? (You great tease, you…)

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Proper leather shoes

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