Proper leather shoes

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  • Any formalwear brands that will be suitable for a wider forefoot? Heard Allen Edmonds but quite spenny. Looking for a black double monk for a wedding

  • Church’s are quite wide in my experience, so are Alden.

  • I am attending a funeral next week. I'm going to wear a dark navy suit.

    I think I've got a few good options for footwear; black monkstraps, dark brown lace up cap style boots, black, plain Chelsea boots, dark brown Chelsea boots, black chukka boots. They are all smart, well made shoes with minimal detailing. But none are entirely formal - I lack a pair of entirely formal shoes.

    I'm leaning towards the Chelsea boots as it's winter, it's cold, it will probably rain, and they offer a bit of resilience and comfort. I appreciate this is probably the least formal choice.

    Do I need to reconsider and get something more formal?

  • No. Chelsea's are good.

  • Excellent, thanks. One less thing to do.


    In Orpington, Kent.
    I think they may have been "official" red wing cobblers, but i might be talking, er, cobblers.

  • I would like some new black boots for work. I wear suit trousers and can’t explain why but I prefer wearing boots mostly.

    I think I want a cap toe and I think I want a commando sole for comfort. I prefer flat leather than marbled any suggestions?

  • What’s the budget?

  • Thank you kindly. Will try it.

  • Got these Trickers Robert in the End Black Friday sale with an additional 20% off and no VAT. Been eyeing them up for some time, at under £200 a bit of a steal I reckon.

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  • Circa 200 but more for a great boot.

  • This just in on Berwick loafer - meh, corrected grain leather creases awkwardly and they’re not soft enough to comply with walking around in them out of the box… other than than well made but will be sending back - church’s Bristol it is…

  • My girlfriend is thinking about getting a pair of the Grenson hikers and I remember people saying that they weren't as high quality as they used to be. Does anyone have any other ideas for something similar she could look at to compare?

    Basically a chunky sole, and maybe slightly less "aggressive" than a DM

  • I have had a Danner pair for 7 years now. They’re not daily wear I’ll admit but they’ve lasted very well and comfort 10/10.

  • I also have a pair, but I think they are too hikery! :)

  • Yeah makes sense.

    On a personal note I’ve gave up looking for a black toe cap boot and just went for Grenson Fred in black commando sole.

  • My partner has some of those Grensons, they've lasted her well for 2 years so far

  • My GF was looking at these too a couple of years ago. After liking my Crockett & Jones boots and seeing how they looked after 10+years she splurged a little more and got the C&J Grace boots and loves them. They're not so "hiker", but absolutely solid. She's also got a pair of Trickers Stephy with command sole too for the chunky look.

    I think for the price, the Grenson's are a lot of money. They're verging into the better quality Northampton manufacturers but aren't close to the build quality and longevity you get from Trickers, C&J and the others.

  • yeah... gopping

  • Wish it wasn’t.

    Been back wearing monk strap this week, so bloody comfortable.

  • Tried on the Fracap M120 today, love the style and found them generally really comfortable (sole/fit etc) but there was a distinct 'crease' in the leather than dug into the top of my toes slightly on each step. Anyone have these and can confirm if this goes once they start to wear in? I assume this will be the case, but would love confirmation before dropping the cash... cheers

  • I have M120s. Nice and spongy, it I find that the fold on the tongue on the top of my foot can be uncomfortable if not laced just so.

    My wife loves hers though

  • Trickers sale now on. Some good discounts:

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Proper leather shoes

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