Proper leather shoes

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  • Thanks, man, very happy... ☺️

  • Those Grassmere’s look great, I recently picked up a pair of brown Trickers Burford on eBay and really fancy a pair of black Grassmere, is there anywhere other than eBay I should be watching?

  • I’d love a pair of proper brogues and have some but they actually harm me.

  • Duckfeet are soft from the start.

  • Comfy for my duckfeet, not a lot of soft padding underfoot but typical for that style of boot.

  • Softness at the heel is a must. They look good too. Not sure about the price but 🤷🏼♂️

  • Some of the Birkenstock boot offerings are pretty soft leather?

  • Can confirm these chukkas are comfy from day 1. Yuketens always seem pretty comfy straight away too - less formal I suppose.

  • How a bout a soft piece of cushion or padding at the offending spot?
    You might need to size up, but it's worth a thought.

  • I hadn’t looked at the Grassmere until you mentioned them so thanks. I think patience and eBay is your best bet presuming you’re happy with your Trickers sizing, the popular lines just don’t appear in the outlet stores.
    BTW are your Burfords the Olivvia deer skin version?

  • Where's good to get Redwing Mocs resoled with white vibram? I'm not in London so will have to post, doesnt seem to be anywhere local to me.

  • Loake Anglesey got a wee polish.

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  • I found a shop close to my work in Edinburgh who from their website appeared to have Grassmere’s in stock. Figured I could try for size and decide if my online fascination was as strong after actually wearing the boot. Alas they didn’t have a single Trickers boot in stock, despite measuring my feet and giving as good a service experience as I’m ever likely to experience they wanted a deposit on full rrp to bring a pair of boots in my size from another store. Absolutely no hard feelings on my part if that’s their policy, I just had the sudden realisation that after a full price purchase I’d be terrified to wear them. The 9.5 Burford popped up on eBay just as I was getting back to work and I took that as a sign….. I’m really happy with them thus now happy to wait it out for a pair of pre owned black Grassmere’s.

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  • Any tips on keeping pebble grain looking fresh? I’m scared shitless of polishing mine and have only been nourishing them so far.

  • Thanks for hinting that they look fresh, as my lack of shoe tree use hasn't done them any favours. A few years old now though tbf.

    I've used the loake oxblood polish from the off, seems to work well. I give the front a real polish and work some water in to try and get some shine, just regular polish and brush for the rest.

  • Oxblood? That's a really nice tan colour, I'm surprised that the oxblood would do that. Might try it out on some Grenson that I have in a similar colour that are looking a bit washed out.

  • On the subject of shoe/boot trees... I bought a few Trimlys a while back, two shoe trees and a boot tree... The shoe versions are great as there's some width adjustment but the boot trees don't have that and are a little narrow...

    I was eyeing up the Tricker's trees but they're a bit spendy, any tips?

  • I've got a pair of the black Trickers Grasmere and some light brown pebble grain Cheaneys and I just polish them as normal. It doesn't affect the grain in any way.

    If anyone's interested i used the liquiproof protector on the suede Paraboots I bought. First wear got caught in a light shower but the liquiproof really did its job so I'd recommend.

    The Paraboots had a price drop as well so I ended up buying both colourways. Bargain at this price I think.­ack-paraboot-micka-velours/15974663/

  • Oh and price drop on the Trickers Malton's from the previous page before i eBay to £50 plus p&p before i ebay them.

  • I think the main thing is that they are cedar wood.

    Other then that all the ones I have are sprung for length and width. Dasco seem decent. All the others I have I got in the sale when Jones bootmaker closed down so own brand but also do the auto width / length thing.

  • Dean, here...

    Best cobbler ever. Really good prices too. Send by post. He's a magician. Camo. Or white. Or off white....

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  • Anyone on here have any experience with Berwick loafers? They any good?

  • As in the Belgian ones? I think that trend is over. Cheap on Black Friday tho

  • No, never liked them… the penny loafers -

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Proper leather shoes

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