Proper leather shoes

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  • Possibly after a brogue boot, Solovair any good and is their sizing accurate?

    Any other recommendations!

  • supposedly they are good but not had a pair in years... you can't resole them, which would put me off spending that kind of money when Loake aren't much more and will last longer (potentially) - Crocket and Jones or Trickers would be other recommendations but cost much more

  • Got some trickers stow boots that I can no longer convince myself are the right size, if anyone’s interested? In good condition apart from a small welt around the left little toe as I’ve tried to show in the pics.

    UK 10, although I’m not totally sure as it states 10L.5 inside and 10L on the sole. May be best to come try them on first.

    £100 collected ASAP in Dalston as I’m leaving the country on Thursday.

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  • As a fellow architect, I concur with cheaping out on stuff because, well we don't earn what we should.
    Anyway, while risking getting hounded out tarred and feathered in the "proper leather shoes" thread; I like the COS and Dr. Martens offering at less then half that price point. Easily found second hand too.
    Will soon get some Arket boots delivered, looking fwd to wearing those.

  • Nice 👍 don’t know about the L but 5 or 6 after the size is the fitting in Tricker’s land. 5 - F and 6 -G wide fit.

  • Thanks for the info - I love how knowledgeable this thread is!

  • I've sent you a PM, buddy...

  • If anybody is in touch with @Will-37 please let him know I'll take those Trickers if they're still available... Can one of you guys grab them for me before Thursday? Happy to PayPal and organise someone to take them off your hands and get them on a plane to me...

  • They are v nice hope you get it sorted

  • Lovely shoes. Have a pair of chester in tan. Have lasted for 7 years in cracking nick.

  • Ta, hope they break in soon as after a few hours the left heel had a massive blister that's still healing.

  • Luckily mine were worn with thick kilt socks for a good few wears to break them in!

  • I got a pair of NPS Law Oxfords today from Herring. I'm very impressed with the quality for a £120 pair of shoes.

    I'm attending a wedding this weekend and the dresscode is morning suits, so figured brogues wouldn't work. I'd usually wear my kilt, but the bride wasn't best pleased with that idea.

  • Curse you, Trickers, I just bought a new pair of boots and you drop some new ones.

  • Those are good 👍

  • Yep, I like them too.

    Anyone offer an opinion on Grenson these days? My wife bought some boots a while ago and they felt a bit style over substance, in part because the sole material was super light. They’ve held up well and are reportedly comfy and now some pebble grain boots have caught my eye.

  • they're fine. they're not as good as they were, not made in the same way or place as they were and a bit fashiony. But, I too had a pair I loved, and I never had a quality issue with them but that's a pretty small sample size.

    imo, they sit somewhere between Loake and C&J

  • Not sure this is quite correct. The G-one range is still made in the original Northampton factory as far as I'm aware.

    The last pair I bought were very high quality. Having said that this was probably 5 years ago so I guess this may have changed.

  • On the talk of simple derbys, just ordered those Steinkogler Wien from Austria.
    Would have gone for the NPS Blair, as the 4 hole with doc martens sole I have are nicely shaped, but I wanted a chunky sole.

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  • IMO they’re utter shit. The pair I had I got rid of because the leather was thin and flimsy. A shame because I think they’re styles are actually pretty good.

  • I don’t think the lightness of sole is really an indication of quality these days as lots of top end makers are using lighter styles of vibram soles. Better to look at where they are made, if still in Northampton should be good. Personally got an amazing quality pair of Grenson boots which state on the inside “Made in England”.

  • It’s interesting Grenson prominently note on their website which models are G-0, G-1 & G-2 but without much explanation. Transpires the particular model I like (Hadley, G-2) are made abroad to a price point so I’ll proceed with caution. Thanks for the heads up.

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  • Those Hadleys seem quite similar to the Trickers Grassmere I have become fixated by recently. I have almost no experience of high end footwear in this price range and wouldn’t consider a purchase at full rrp. Just wondering if they’re likely to be discounted at all later in the year given stock levels seem plentiful with the various sellers or if these brands hold their price?

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  • Should also ask, I’m a regular 9.5, short of finding a retailer in Edinburgh I’ll be buying online. Can anyone advise if Trickers boots are generally true to size? I’ll probably contact them direct and ask pre any purchase.

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Proper leather shoes

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