Proper leather shoes

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  • Well the White’s finally arrived.

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  • Quite the heel. How do you feel about 'em?

  • Heavy and stiff. Which hopefully will translate as stable. I’ve been wearing them in 3-4 hour shifts to slowly break them in.

    I had White’s add an extra 1/4 inch to the stack of the heel.

  • With the rain we’ve had lately (there have been 2 days with out precipitation in the last month) I feel like we’re heading in that direction.

    I’ll actually be up in the trees on Sunday, but will be wearing some other boots.

  • Wow love those. I don’t have the stones for a woodsman heel like that (bailed on my Lofgren engineer pre order) but those are cracking. Are they roughout or suede?

  • Can't imagine they'd be suede.

  • Roughout, supposedly dissipate heat better.

  • Where does a woodsman heel come from?
    I've never heard the term before, and it's an unusual detail. I know a Cuban heel is for purchase in a stirrup, is it a similar thing?

  • Logger heels help with traction and stability over wet and uneven ground.

    Supposedly also help with arch/ankle support.

    And they work with these duders:

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  • Thank you, that is a cool and very specific requirement.

  • Though I still climb with these guys for now:

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  • They must take ages to lace up

  • I do a ladder lock with each speed eyelet so it takes a bit longer, and it takes a few seconds to make sure the pants are tucked in. But I imagine that all together it’s like 2 minutes for boots and spurs.

  • That’s good going. I saw a vid once of a guy lacing a boot in somewhere like 10 secs. But there is a difference between ‘for fashion’ and for work!

  • Kudu leather - any experience here? Trickers doing a nice set of boots in it, but I hear it doesn’t polish well? How’s the waterproofing?

  • @jv @mattyc @kboy thanks for the suggestions.
    Went for some brown Loake brogues with a navy M&S summer suit I had tailored to fit, white linen shirt and a white Panama. Total spend was under £300.

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  • Sounds bang on. Amazing value for money as well I think, all items should be versatile enough to get plenty of use

  • UK9.5 (fit like a 10) Paul Smith boots if anyone interested­58/

  • I bought my partner a pair of secondhand RMW’s in Australia 10 years ago. She’s worn them in all weathers and told me (too late) she had been drying them out under the radiator. The soles were almost falling off when she presented them to me. I had them re-soled at a cobbler on Goodge St that apparently used to do all RMW repairs until the company was taken over. His view was that since the takeover the quality had gone downhill. He made a tremendous job of the repair.

    Edited to add said cobbler’s shop name: Fifth Avenue Shoes. Had some Italian slip ons re-soled as well and another superb job.

  • Got myself some Trickers Stow in Marron. Gorgeous shop on Jermyn Street!

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  • V nice

  • Yeah, love that shop. Willfully pay over the odds for new laces just to watch them calculate the change due....

    20.... over 6...... leaves 4..... carry the 1

    £14 change for you, Sir!

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Proper leather shoes

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