Proper leather shoes

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  • Ah didn't spot that.

    Would brown brogues work with the Cos suit?

  • I really like brown shoes with a navy suit but they're not as versatile for funerals and other more formal events. Also might not work as well with a black suit.

    On the other hand you can pick up a decent pair of black shoes on ebay for peanuts. I have a pair of sanders in good nick, got them for a tenner iirc

  • I really like these, if I was buying shoes/clothes this year is get a pair. They’re quite heavy vs a trad loafer

  • Tbh I'm just buying for this occasion. I've seen some cheap brown Loake brogues I might go for. I'll probs sell the shoes and suit on after.
    The Cos suit only seems available in a regular fit jacket / slim fit trousers. I'm not sure if this would look odd or not?

  • Boom 👌 - classic combo of double button, double vent, pockets cut on bias, can’t go wrong for the money 👍🏻👍🏻 They also have a linen shirt which would be cool with it, in navy or white -­en-revere-shirt/p/clp60494001?color=WHIT­E&prevPage=srp#intid=prodColourId-604939­48

  • Solovair boots appearing in TKMaxx - some are seconds stock, by the looks of the ones I found in High St Ken (couple of brass eyelets missing). Decent discounts at 70-80 quid though, if you get a good pair.

  • Ha, just came to post the same, Solovair monkey boots for £70, not my size or taste particularly but VFM.
    Edit: they’ve got some 8-holes online too…­ens-boots/black-greasey-leather-derby-bo­ots/p/27449944

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  • Back in the early seventies, suedehead time. Twixt skinheads and mod revival boys wore Docs and girls wore Monkey boots*. Still can't reconcile myself to them.

    *Our, obviously limited connection to the real world, corner of Hull.

  • Like those. Probably no use for them though. I could only find moc toe boots and black 8-eyes (HSK). Which store was that?

    After some astronaut boots really though, if anyone sees some in 8.5 or 9, brown or burgundy or oxblood?

  • I wore Monkey Boots at school, they used to fall apart really quick so mum got into buying me Docs... Those things were almost indestructible... Wore them from the age of eight, gave my last pair of ten hole steels to my dad when I grew out of them at about thirteen... He wore them in the kitchen...

  • Which store was that?

    Dunstable, size 8.

  • Finally bought trees, a pair for boots and two pairs for shoes, Trimly, ever heard of them? Seemed decent quality and weren't crazy expensive, also bought a decent brush while I was at it... Haven't had a decent shoe brush for decades and decades, my dad's has been my yardstick...

    I've also been looking at saddle shoes again, I do this every few years... Of course I missed out on Bass releasing these things since the last time I felt the need to look, gutted! I threw a very old George Cox pair out five or six years ago, dick move as they would've been very easy to resole as they were Goodyear welted... I'll catch them the next time they come around... Aren't they beautiful?

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  • Thinking of some Loakes brogue boots in a fortnight. Anyone bought Loakes before? I’ve got some Church’s brogue Oxford shoes which a bit of a foot prison, so def aiming for a g last for these new ones

  • I found the G 'jockey' last on my Loake Chatsworth Chelsea boots wasn't as generous as I'd been led to believe... They felt smaller than the classic brogue in an F last... Best bet is to try before you buy, I reckon... Wasn't an option for me so I had to chance it...

  • Great, thanks! I’ll get into the store for a try out beforehand then

  • Thinking of some Loakes brogue boots in a fortnight. Anyone bought Loakes before?

    Just got some Fisher Black Grain. I probably have 5 pair of Loakes, all in 8.5 F size. These boots are the comfiest I've had out of the box. They normally murder me for a good few weeks.
    I had to get the welt dyed though, cant do with the colour clash.
    Jeez, just checked.. More than 5

  • Anyone know anything about Astorflex Ettoflex desert boots? Like the look of them but don’t know if they’re comfy or good quality?

  • I've got a pair and like them for what they are -- I see them more as a smarter alternative to sneakers than "proper" boots. Comfy in a leisurely sort of way. The uppers are really soft, but the heel is reinforced with sturdier leather. Maybe due to the soft suede it seems like stones have a tendency of finding their way into the shoes, more than anything else I wear 🤷♂️.

  • I don’t think I could pull off saddle shoes… but looking around I did find these which could be a laugh -­-tricolour-chocolate-&-navy-leather.html­?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzZm9iZWA8gIVkOvtCh2Us­QoCEAQYBCABEgLhWfD_BwE never had a pair of Bass before, no idea of quality for the money…

  • I finally bought a pair of Bass Weejuns last year, I love them, they haven't had a look in since the Loakes arrived tho'...

  • Reinforced heel sounds good, seen enough people walking around on just half of their heels

  • My Bass Derby shoes turned out to be made of the cheapest possible coated leather, can't even polish them properly it just sits on the surface. Then again they were only worn in the office and live in a desk drawer so probably home to a family of mice now.

  • Fracap M120s really don’t like the British summer dew

  • Decent repair place that would be able to replace this flat glued on rubber sole, kind of like a crepe but it’s not. + patch the worn bits at the heel?

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Proper leather shoes

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