Proper leather shoes

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  • Bankrobbers ftw

    Comfy for old man feet. Innit.

  • I was probably exaggerating about there being 2 shops.
    I got mine at Shelley’s on Neal street.
    Then probably popped into Interstate to check out the Spiewak

  • Chippewa were fantastic, OG engineer boot inventors claim and great quality. Think they’ve gone dead now though, sold out and killed all their best models 🤷🏻♂️

  • These have been advertised to me Instagram for a while and I’m a fan... not sure I’d buy them for the money when I’m not able to see them in the flesh but anyway...­/all/products/olivier-taupe they’re kind of half way between the two you posted...

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  • They're lovely, I used to have a pair... We called them Cornish Pasties BITD...

  • You forgot Duffer and Amercian Classics!

  • And Sam Walker.
    Robot on Floral st.
    Remember when CG was cool?

  • And Jones on Floral Street had some good bits as well, brilliant for Japanese denim at sale time... Bond International, etc... Sigh...

  • Sigh

    It’s cause we’re old.
    I miss it though.

    I remember Paul Smith when it was one shop, he was often in there with his Bristol parked outside.

  • Did anyone go into the little Italian cafe on Floral Street? Home made lasagne and a cup of tea, smoking a fag and reading Time Out to plan the next thing to do. Seem to remember a Nigel Cabourn shop just off Floral st...?

  • Any tips on shoe trees? Worth using them? Will plastic do or best off with cedar?

  • Absolutely worth using! And yes, wooden trees are superior.

  • Cheers!

  • If anybody is looking at purchasing:* have Loake and Grenson shoes n' boots at 50% off. And there's some

    Code: HALFLG

    *Probably not going to rank highly on any best website names list

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  • What are they, they are the shit?

  • Columbia Camden Chukka

  • Jones on Floral Street

    I’ll dig out the tshirt.

  • While we at it anybody any memories about the hole in the wall where I bought my first Doc Martens east off Brick Lane early mid Eighties? Were maybe £18, south Heneage Street possibly?

  • @fussballclub @absurdbird I've still got the Redwings from Shelly's circa 1993. American made and at the time, around £115 I think. There was a shop on South Molton/around there that sold them too. About three basic versions of a moc toe. Just like Carrhart at Interstate before they realised there was a massive market for fashion versions, those redwings were my pride and joy and fiercely expensive, mine with the dark Vibram sole. Oxblood/red or Black only. Cheap though compared to the sudden £200 plus price hike when I next looked. I've also got a good pair of Sam Walker George type boots, a Spiewak N1 deck from about 1998 that cost around 80 quid from John Simon in CG and that hatch/place off Brick Lane also sold great value Loakes sort of Cheshire street end if I remember

  • @fussballclub apols, no wait, that Brick lane place I am thinking of I visited in the early 90s so possibly different.

  • the hole in the wall where I bought my first Doc Martens

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  • My first Docs came from a similar sounding place on the Walworth Rd. looked like the cover of New Boots and Panties.
    There used to be a shop like that in every area - Brutus shirts and STF Levi’s. last one I know of was in Rotherhithe.

  • Sound like we were shopping in the same places.
    I got a pair of the Japanese Lee 101z repros I wore with the redwings.
    Raw denim was niche in the 90s.
    Especially as my mates were wearing para boots, camo and dreadlocks.

    John Simons is legend.

  • You could buy the same George Cox DM soled shoes in there that Robot were selling, not as much choice and no crazy colours but black suede was all I wanted anyway... Once I found that place I never went back to Robot... I'm talking '81-'83...

    They also sold the crepe soled chukka boots in there for less than half what they wanted on the Kings Road, loved that little shop... On Middlesex Street? I think the black suede chukkas were £11, crazy cheap...

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Proper leather shoes

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