Proper leather shoes

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  • Interesting! Had the same doubts and even spoke to them on Instagram about it. They were very upfront about it but also mentioned that they were keen to change things, seems like they did


    I assume you know Swedish but for the sake of everyone else.

  • How were they? I had to return mine as they were way too small for me in my size, and all out of a size up. Went for a pair of Sweeney Oxenholme in the end, which I'm loving.

    I got the Danners from Stuarts.

    Trying to talk the wife into letting me buy her some Fracap Kates, but shes unconvinced. Fine, I'll spend my money on myself then........

  • Snagged a pair of 2nd hand kavat bodås to replace my old worn out autumn/winter boots. Have been sceptical of these as resoling seemed difficult but they now offer a restoration service for ~£55 which is reasonable so went ahead.

    Looking at the Forsbacka, how do yours size ?

    Are they waxy, or will they take a shine?

  • I'm usually a UK 9/EU 43/US10 and these fit me fine in a size 43 (there's a guide on their webpage with inside shoe lengths in mm and corresponding sizes). They come in different finishes, the ones I got seem to polish up nicely but still feel a bit greasy. I got a burgundy coloured pair for my daughter that are definitely matte/waxy.

  • Thanks, will give them a go. The 55 euro refurb was the dealbreaker

  • Yeah more like £55 than €55, did a rough translation of 700 Swedish kronor. Probably varies with region too, it's $110 for the US according to their site.

  • The right feels perfect but the left feels a little narrow, but there is enough volume. I can just feel a bit of pressure on my little toe. Going to see if they will loosen up first and if not sell them on and get a 12

  • Quality seems good, very comfy after a few days of wearing them.

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  • Redwing supersoles👍

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  • I think I have the same pair and they are the comfiest shoes I have worn!

  • Looking good. Hits a good balance between looks and comfort

  • Thanks. Found a lightly used brown pair for not much money so got them too! Should mean I'll have good wet weather shoes for a few years.

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  • Having a bit of a clear out at the moment - I have a couple of pairs of Oliver Spencer branded shoes (pretty sure they're made by Sanders so I think that qualifies them as 'proper'!) that are well worn but looked after. Both UK 11 - I'd say the black boots are less worn and are still a little way off needing the heel rubber sorting. Brown brogues a little closer to needing that replacing.

    Would anybody be interested in these for postage + a little beer money? Pictures in the link below

    EDIT - Brogues spoken for
    EDIT 2 - boots spoken for too

  • Does anybody know anything about white leather? My parents sofa has a sort of peeling problem, where a layer is coming off. It’s leather, was made to order by Habitat in Italy so, I’m pretty sure it’s real and should be quite nice for the amount it cost.

    But what is this layer on the surface which is a little discoloured with the bright white leather below?

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  • You might get a better answer in the furniture thread

  • It might be bonded leather starting to disintegrate

  • Pair of clarks boots anyone? "tobacco" and size 9.5. I've had them for a number of years but they dont quite fit me, so I pull them out this time of year, wear them once and put them away as I still really like the way they look: not bulky, blocky or stompy.

    Say £15 and collect from south hampstead/ swiss cottage (or post if someone is happy to pay)?

  • Yeah looks like PU coated leather breaking down like on old Nike shoes

  • What are they. They look great

  • I could be tempted but can't see the images?

  • mmm... struggling for some reason. I've updated the post just to contain a single image, but for some reason it shows as a picture when I'm logged into LFGSS but as a link if im using an incognito browser

    I'll have another look in a bit!

    Working now - just the one pic though. If any interest I can post up some more

  • Saw a few pairs of Trickers in TK Maxx Lewisham for £180 sizes 7-8

  • As a teenager in the early 70's I wore Doc Martens. Dad was ex RAF. His shoes never left the house without a shine. His habit rubbed off on me. I'd shine and polish and shine, using an old pair of lady's tights to finish the gloss(good tip that). I even took the tiniest paint brush and re-whitened stitching. Now I'm mid-sixties and the habit never left me. The only thing better than a good quality pair of new leather boots is a well looked after pair of old leather boots!

    Like these.....

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Proper leather shoes

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