Proper leather shoes

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  • Buy cheap buy thrice

    Cheap shoes are shit. This is the proper leather shoes thread.

  • Anyone here has a pair of NPS? I’m looking at the Blairs and wondering if they’re worth it.

  • Leather? £30? 🥴

  • If that’s your budget I’d trawl eBay for a pair of lightly used blundstone boots. Looking at sold auctions there’s a few sold around that price

  • Black as ones heart.

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  • Red wing? I might have a pair in uk9 for sale

    Oh yeah?

  • I’ve had oaktraks before they’re long lasting and cheap but I don’t want leather as in shiny leather again

  • For work boots I’d say blundstones

    or Rossi, Redback, RM Williams, Wooten, Mongrel - all of which are still made in Australia as opposed to Blundstone.

  • Yeah either of these I guess, though I've only used blunnies. If you get a pair in good nick for say £50 you've got yourself a bargain and should be good for a good while

  • A pair of Danner Mountain light II on the way, I'm excited! Hopefully I'll start to leave the house more often and be able to use them

  • Quality pair of boots those - should last you many years

  • Did you get them from the states or the UK? How did you go about sizing?

  • US, I had a stab in the dark with sizing. The internet seemed to think the light 2 fit true to size so I went 11.5. So if I'm wrong would anyone like a pair of black boots in 11.5?!

  • My sister is after a pair of those. Where did you get them?

    (She's not an 11.5!)

  • eBay shop in the US. It's worthwhile keeping an eye on frugal men's fashion on Reddit there have been some very good sales posted in the past, which I've missed, for around 240usd

  • Boots have arrived, I really like them. Right one feels great, left one maybe a little narrow. Hopefully they relax a little. They're lighter much more supple leather than I was expecting.

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  • This is a huge dredge. But in trying to find another post I made, I saw this comment. They are Armoury Sport's Chinos.

    Now sold out though.

  • Dog ate one of my favourite boots. AG Meek of Gloucester made a superb repair. Thanks Dean.

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  • fuksake Dean

  • You know Dean?

  • I think @carson read it as your dog is called Dean... 🤷♂️

  • Oh. No. Dog's called Fern. Cobbler's called Dean. But I follow now...thanks for clearing that up. I will now switch to the 60+ thread.

  • First day in the Aldens. A whole new level of comfort, so supple. Was lucky with the fit as it’s spot on

  • Snagged a pair of 2nd hand kavat bodås to replace my old worn out autumn/winter boots. Have been sceptical of these as resoling seemed difficult but they now offer a restoration service for ~£55 which is reasonable so went ahead.

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Proper leather shoes

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