Proper leather shoes

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  • Might be corrected grain leather

  • I had a read up on the various types of leather & they might be - the surface is perfectly smooth with no visible grain, maybe there's a coating of some sort on there? There'll be something that'll take to it, but I'd rather find out first than spend £20 on random dyes etc & nothing works

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  • I have some GH Bass oxblood derbys that were coated in some way for a mirror shine and wax polish just sits on the surface. You can see the lighter base colour beginning to come through. Full Goodyear welted upper and trashy leather, live and learn.

  • Think they look allright now tbh, but I'm not a fan of fake patina

  • Cheers guys - they don't look terrible but I do want to darken them a bit, gonna go over them again & get rid of all traces of the renovator that didn't really take - I have some clear saphir stuff that's really oily I might leave on them for a bit to see if that soaks in at all to give a pigmented polish something to work with, have emailed Grenson with a pic to see if they have any ideas too

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  • $13 US eBay, Allen Edmonds. MiUSA. A nice application of Saphir Renovateur, let it dry for five minutes and then a few minutes with a horse hair brush on each shoe and they're as good as.. almost new.

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  • 'Tasseled loafers'

  • These are going for £64 in my local Tacky if any of you loafer nerds want me to forward them on.

    8 1/2, I'd say maybe you could fit a 9 at a push with thin socks

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  • I’ll have em if you’re offering to grab em

  • Yeah, for sure. PM me

  • Update on these mofos - after getting nowhere with Grenson I threw caution to the wind & set about them with some acetone to strip off any remaining dye then gave them a good rub over with some really oily saphir stuff to see if it would stick to whatever the hell the surface coating is, left them for a bit then buffed off gently with a soft cloth, not too bad - the surface certainly looks more like leather than crocs now anyway... might just leave it at that as I've no idea if the clear polish will just rub off again. Lesson learned!

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  • Had been hankering after something like these for ages. Found them for almost £120 off on a Black Friday deal.

    First pair of “proper” boots/shoes I’ve had in years.

  • Photo fail

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  • Tricker's Stow? There were certainly some great Stow deals on BF.

  • Yup. Got them from. A fine pair of

  • Lovely boots!

  • Trickers sale is now on too:

  • Thought so. I was very tempted. They were really cheap shipped to the US due to no VAT but ultimately decided I didn’t need them. Lovely boots!

  • Just bought my wife a pair of Solovair 8-holers for xmas and they look and feel so much nicer than DMs. They’ve got a showroom in the wine merchants in Northampton, some lovely designs.

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  • I fancy these for myself. £170 on the website, £135 in-store.

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  • Love the look of those, almost bought a pair of Made in the UK DMs last year... Might give these a go next time I get that itch...

  • £170 on the website, £135 in-store.

    What illogical fuckery is this? My £29 DM copy ebay boots have refused to die for 4 years now, but next season these might replace them.

  • Encourage walk ins?
    Keep brick and mortars in business?

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Proper leather shoes

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