Proper leather shoes

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  • Quite interested in some Lundhags boots, having seen someone else's recently (bought in colder climes and completely wrong size, unfortunately). Is there a London's-famous-London stockist, so I can try them somewhere? My G**gle-fu is weak.

  • Yeah, that's pretty much my thinking if nowhere has them to have a try (or I may be lazy and just get some others I can try). Seem to remember you had a pair, is that right? How do they come up? Assume big because of the liners you can get also?

  • I have a pair of the scout model. I got mine true to size as they come up big. I always wear mine with a thicker sock in summer and a proper welly sock in winter, both works well.

    Just checked size and mine are 44 / uk9.5, same as my red wings, though I’d say they’re bigger in real life but that’s needed as you need a thicker sock in them.

    Re liners, I’ve never been cold with a proper wool welly sock (mines from Finisterre) unless I’m standing around, and I’ve been out for hours in -15. Liners might be good if you want to wear them with thin socks though

  • Cheers. Very helpful.

  • Anyone got Solovair shoes?

    Now that Dr Martins are shit they seem to be a excellent replacement.

  • I'm looking at some of their hiker boots or monkey boots..... They have taken on the Hawkins brand, and they are also the shoe provided to a lot of fire services now, I stead of DM's....i might have a 20% discount code too.....

  • Can you resole them or doc martins?

  • I'm suddenly transported back to me in 1980, College loafers, Stayprest and white towelling socks...

  • From what I've read the Solovair soles are still stitched rather that heat welded so, technically, yes.

  • This eBay thing is a bit addictive. I said I'd get some shoes for my dad, snagged a pair of Grenson Oxfords. Now they have arrived, I'm really tempted to keep them.

    They have just been refurbished by Grenson so brand new soles, heels and insoles. The uppers are very lightly worn. Crazy bargain for £80.

    I've got another couple of things in the post; a pair of brown Grenson Derbys and a pair of C&Js. Once I have them all assembled I'll pick out a couple of pairs for the Older.

  • Just wait till you start buying vintage clothes on there and everything seems like a bargain compared to what you’d pay new for a similar item.... Rabbit. Hole.

  • Yeah, maybe that's next.

    Very happy with these Grenson's

  • Here’s my Re-soled Crown sneakers look. They did a blog thing about it too.­crown-northamptons-sneaker-resoling-serv­ice

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  • Awesome @stevepeel - great stuff.

  • They look great.

  • Nice - that's pushed a pair up the wish list for me.

  • Goosedown Ralph Lauren mil spec 'big coat' for £18. Yep.

  • Alrighty - I have a pair of Grenson Ellery monk straps that I've had for a bit & need some advice on refinishing... the original finish was almost like an antiqued grey effect which got scuffed / buffed off every time anything touched them & they got old looking very quickly. I was giving them a "right good" clean & pretty much all of the original finish came off leaving a kinda pale grey waxy finish underneath that I don't know how to proceed with, polish won't stick to it, so I tried some TRG renovator but that just wipes off in a weird streaky fashion too - best I got with that was to sponge it on lightly to get an even finish bit it's still really easily taken off again... will get some pics later but below is what they looked like originally, anyone any ideas?

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  • What do you want them to look like?

  • The original finish was nice, would like to replicate that if possible but it was obviously applied at the factory by someone with more aptitude for this kind of thing than me!

    The main stumbling block is the base finish on the leather, I thought it was a pale grey leather which had been overdyed then partially buffed off again but it feels almost like a matt patent finish & nothing will stick to it, never seen anything like it before...

    Without seeing it it's difficult to imagine - even pictures won't show the texture properly, sound familiar to anyone?

  • Probably best to see if someone with in depth knowledge posts.

    My gut is that it will be hard to recreate without knowing the process. For that reason I'd go along to Grenson and ask them.

    If you can't and you're not too fussed, have a look at this video and try something similar:­Sqk

    but I'd still go to Grenson first.

  • Bit of a late comment, but I concur with some of the comments, in that my '90s DMs were hit and miss. Admittedly at that age I rinsed my shoes. But still.

    The article did make me want a pair of Solovairs tho.

  • Yeah I'll fire them an email, they'll probably offer their renovation service at £110 but apart from this issue they're pretty much spot on so would rather find a way to do it myself if possible... last time I went into the shop it was like something from the fast show so I'll stick to emailing them

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Proper leather shoes

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