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  • Not entirely proper leather shoes but I have a pair of Crown sneakers, handmade in Northampton which I have hammered daily at work for over a year. I’m taking them to be re-soled at the factory tomorrow which fills me with glee; a non-disposable trainer. They’re like a pair of old slippers now and the patination is beautiful.

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  • Love the thought of re-soling sneakers. Have you got a photo of yours?

  • I do but they’ll look awful with my photography. Hold on.

    Here they are all dusty. The scuffs all vanish with some leather cream. I had mine made with a contrast toe cap. Probably shouldn’t have.

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  • That's a crazy size range. I'm surprised that all those brands are so different in the way they size things but I guess they all have their methods and reasoning.

    Don't go to the trouble of measuring them just yet. Despite my ideas that I should start to look a bit more put together, the smartest shoes I wear are either Clarks Weavers or Red Wing Chukkas (so smart is a loose term). Most of the time I'm in Vans. If I'm going to dip my toe into the water of penny loafers, I should probably start by trying cheaper versions before jumping into Yuketens (as much as I'd love to)

  • If you (or anyone else) want to try loafers on a budget, I’m happy to sell my practically unworn Peter Christian oxblood penny loafers.

    They’ve had a rubber half sole put on from new, and show almost no heel wear. Only the first or second creases appearing on the uppers, so better condition than a pair found in TK Maxx!

    Handmade, and bargain £125 new price. I’ll take £35 posted, of anyone’s money. Or a near offer.

    They are very comfortable. I bought them, wore them to a lunch somewhere and then boxed and forgot about them. I have too many pairs of shoes, and not enough formal opportunities.­lippers/leather-loafers-all/peter-christ­ian-penny-loafer

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  • Totally understand. Given you're in Canada - I'd just try a pair of Weejuns. Perhaps a vintage pair? I've read questionable things about new Weejun build quality.

  • I had a pair of Weejuns that I stupidly gave to my ex’s brother. Shouldn’t have, they were well-made.

  • What size, dude?

  • Oh sorry, UK9 and quite true to size. I can wear them comfortably with socks, or very thin socks with an extra insole, so a small 10 could wear them with those little thin invisible sock things that look like you have bare feet.

    Depends on the season (as per previous remarks some time back) - it’s cold out so I just tried these with Planet X 365 socks on and they are good fit, whereas in the height of summer they’d need something a little thinner.

  • Suede brushes - any suggestions?

  • The normal all-in-one double sided ones you get. Then keep the rubber section clean.

    The double sided ones last better, although for some reason I felt the rolled up gummy ones do the "erasing" better. Although they turn shitty quickly.

    It's not like a decent horse hair brush or mink oil. There isn't really anything to be "better", just needs to be used correctly.

    Edit: you want one with a mix of nylon and brass bristles tho.

  • Got a bit carried away and bought 3 pairs of shoes in the last two days.

  • Or in @JB speak you had an average week 🙈

  • Glass house
    Throwing stones
    Pot kettle black

  • I’m done. Game over. Escalated quickly but I am done!

  • Will do, when they arrive.

  • :-)! Really enjoying these a lot.

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  • What’s the quality of the uppers like? How many soles do you reckon they’ll get through?
    I also like the idea of non-disposable trainers but £75 Stan smiths make £60 sole changes seem unviable even with my finest man-maths.

  • Damn @JB you’ve got some nice shoes.

    Forgot to grab any shoe bags with my new Trickers, eBay prices were extortionate (£25). Checked Trickers own website, £10 including postage. Can’t say fairer than that.

  • Heh. Thanks. Really just have been taken by the Color 8 cordovan stuff. It’s really beautiful. The whole cleaning/after care thing is fun too.

    I read last night that people at Tricker’s were buying 60 pairs of shoes to resell, so that’a probably why the bags were that price... bastards.

  • Took delivery of some Dr Martens shoes last week, wore them Saturday for an hour or so but the bleeding on my heels was too great to carry on.

    Any tips for softening the backs? (HTFU twice daily, obvs)

    I've not worn DM shoes for years and had forgotten the agony of breaking then in.

    (Have a few pairs of boots and had no dramas with them)

  • My advice for new leather shoes is always to take them to work (desk based is best) and wear them whilst sitting down/walking to the coffee machine. Do not go out only in new shoes. You will likely get blisters and mean the wearing in process takes 2/3 x as long. A week of gentle wearing at the office is usually enough I find.

  • Do you have shoe trees @DethBeard ? The other thing you can do is put trees in and take them out every hour or so whilst you're at home. That worked a treat for me. I feel like I read that tip from @pdlouche at some point in the distant past.

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Proper leather shoes

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