Proper leather shoes

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  • They're ace... TK?

  • They are one of the Lyndon styles and there are a few versions including bison leather and low tops about even on Sports Direct website(!) but these were off Ebay from NI. Made in El Salvador.

  • That escalated quickly.

    I couldn't stop thinking about Alden. I know Crockett and Jones are better value for money but aesthetically, nothing comes close to Alden for my tastes. So, in preparation for this purchase, I sold some clothes and had most of the funds for a pair. I headed to Alden on Madison Ave this morning with the intention of buying either their Madison Ave store exclusive Moc Toe or Longwing in Colour 8 Cordovan. When I got there, the Moc was by far my favourite and more versatile for my wardrobe. Though recently they replaced their leather sole with a commando sole which I didn't love. When the guy was going to get my size I noticed a pair of Moc Toe's with leather sole sitting on another shelf with a small 30% off sign on it. They were my size! I jumped on them. The stars aligned. Ended up being significantly cheaper than C&J/other cordovan Alden's and cheaper than even a pair of cordovan Allen Edmonds/Brooks Brothers. So, great value. Even better, due to selling other clothes, I broke even. Super happy. They are the 73906 for anyone interested.

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  • I really like those. Great find!

  • Nice score. I hope to pick up some colour 8 chukkas when I am in nyc next year

  • Niiiiice

    Longwings are still on my list. I’ve worn my loafers so much, they’re superb.

  • I hope the exchange rate goes up for your sake in that case.

    Wore them this morning for the first time. Oof. Look great in the sunlight. Immediately comfy. Very happy.

  • And mine. Not gonna happen any time soon, though.

  • Just catching up on this thread. It seems like Cali get's all the best stuff! Yuketen and Monitaly are two great brands with incredible products. I always lusted after a pair of the Maine guide boots and would love a pair of those Yuke Clogs. Great find!

  • Yeah. Big big fan of all the Meg Co. brands and Yuki's designs. Epperson Mountaneering and Chamula do great stuff, too.

  • I wouldn't wear it as it's too 'Murica!' but I love this

    Bonus points for Made In Mexico, by Mexicans

  • I dunno the Stars and Stripes is pretty universal. Reminds me of the old RL ones... which I'd like to get for mini hugo7 at some point

  • Yeah, no, I get it. I just can’t wear a US flag.

  • Yuki’s having them made their because the wool comes from the town they’re made in and cause they’re well good at hand crochet.

  • They're a hundred quid used. I'm out.

  • A pair of Loake Thirsk just arrived in the mail. They didn't have my size/model in store at the time so I tried on a different pair. I found the right size for that pair and was assured this model would feel the same. But first impressions for the Thirsks is that while feeling roughly the same in the toe area, fairly snug, the boot as a whole feels much too roomy around the heel and ankle. My feet sort of lifts off the sole when I walk.
    My first thought is to return them for a half size smaller to so as to get a pair that feels more snug around my ankles and and then suffer whilst I break in the toe area, or just kind of... get used to the ones I have now.

  • If anyone ever finds any brown leather shoes in a size 12 that don't fit because they're super narrow then please holla at Ndeipi over here. Everything I find is too wide for me.

  • Do you know what the other pair were called? Sounds like they’re made on a different last?

  • Nah, they were the same last, hence me buying the Thirsks unseen. They fit exactly the same in the toe area, so their argument was sound in that respect. But that other model wasn't a Chelsea boot.

  • if you think they're wrong, they're wrong

  • Making some leather items I thought it would be good to put a couple of drops of essential oil on the inside to freshen them up. Bad idea as it has soaked through to the front. Any suggestions to remove the stain?

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  • Soak the whole thing

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Proper leather shoes

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