Proper leather shoes

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  • kidding I liked those when they were at their height. Surely it's all about going with what you like, when you like?

  • I've now bought two pairs of those John White's from tk maxx, a pair of dark brown chukkas and the tan slim brogues. A £60 a pop you can't complain, even if they only last a few years.

    They're good value. Classics.

  • kidding I liked those when they were at their height. Surely it's all about going with what you like, when you like?

    Sure you did. Heeeeeee-heeee, Cha'mone!

  • Not that proper but these caught my eye in the Jones sale - the only pair in the shop, marked as my size, try them on and they're about a size and a half too big :(
    Really taken with them (they look better in real life). Comfy and a bit more proper than most of my footwear. Where else stocks Fly London/ do all Jones shops?

  • Thanks. I don't understand the internet.

  • grenson boots for a grey january day

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  • Mentioning Barker Black is only namedropping from my side, seeing as there's no way I can afford them. But one day maybe...

  •           [![](­roducts/thumbs/HI-TOP%20%20-%206480TDS%2­0-%20A.jpg)](­roducts/Hi---Top-176.php)

    suede versions

    The low top version of this is even nicer IMO... Last time I bought a pair they were £12 from a shop in Petticoat Lane, they also sold the chepest DMs in London... :S

  • £130 for these!?!?! Fuck right off... Quality looks just as shoddy as it was when I was a nipper, you didn't mind when they were less than £15 tho'...

  • These look awesome in the flesh:

  • Mentioning Barker Black is only namedropping from my side, seeing as there's no way I can afford them. But one day maybe...

    I have a pair of Baker Black velvet slippers from a few seasons back, with the logo on the toe. Love their branding esp the crossed bones and bows.

  • the lo top versions remind me of something or a style that hasnt been mentioned yet. some will say thats for a good reason but i always wanted a pair but never ever did.

    actually , you know what? i think i did manage to persuade my mum to get me a pair/pester my mum into getting me a pair.

  • I have a pair of creepers, I bought them at Trash the other day for stupid cheap. still haven't actually worn them, but I will find a time to.

  • they reminded me of creepers too. Speaking of which...

    It's wrong but i quite like the black ones. I'd look like unkle fester though. Maybe for the fashion forward japanese among us. Anyone, anyone...


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  • I have a pair of these (not my shoes or image)

    They are well comfy and when you look like me they can be worn in quite a lot of different ways and settings.

    Have a very similar pair in red that lace up that I don't wear near as often.

    Probably because they are red. Is there anyway to get them coloured black? I thought about spraying them with that flexible paint you get in halfords for your dashboard but thought I might just wreck them.

  • Don't you mean Blackmans in Cheshire street?

    They have some of the Saunders in size 12. The shop though is a shadow of its former self. Gerald, did you ever shop there in the 80s?

  • Lawler Duffy salmon skin loafers were my 1993 weapon of choice paired with some sweet Duffer of St George carpenter jeans down at Love Ranch and the Milk Bar. #endofflashback#

  • @B take a pair of brogues, take a pair of espadrilles, take a pair of creepers then mix em up

    @peter carter i thought he meant cheshire street but thats a little way from petticoat lane. i went there, yeah late eighties, the first time i stumbled across it i couldnt believe my luck. so many lovely shoes, such great prices. i bought my first pair of sanders george boots there. the business cards were made of old shoe boxes cut into small calling card size pieces with the shop details rubber stamped on cool.
    you're right, the shop isnt what it was at least not the last time i wandered in that direction on a sunday morning. in fact that whole street is ruined.
    reference for those not familiar. the front of the shop was used in the film lock stock and two smoking barrels.
    hatchet harrys office

  • went by tKmax and had a look at those shoes everyone talks about. the shoes i looked at were not that great, craftsmanship wise. the leather sole contact to the upper was shoddy and the stitching was a bit off on a couple of the shoes I had in my hand. There was def a difference between 2 pairs of the same shoe. If you do plan on getting them I would carefully look at each shoe and compare to their mates.
    I would get one quality pair of trickers or equal quality shoe instead of 2 pairs of the £69 tkmax shoes. You can find trickers for about £125-£150 on sale or in their ebay store.

    the barker black store in nyc had amazing shoes when I was there a few years back. The guy was funny to talk to also.

  • I don't know who designed these but they probably used a wind tunnel.

    So ugly

  • Kindly remove the moat from your eye sir, so that you may see more clearly.

    Tis a lovely classic shoe. But then again, I think I'm more of a Rembrandt person, and you more Picasso?

  • I think GA2G is saying you've got a wonky face.

  • Some great footwear on sale here at brilliant, brilliant prices... such as Church's brown suede brogues for £100!­footwear.php

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Proper leather shoes

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