Proper leather shoes

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  • Anybody want to take these off my hands for £10? Unopened, bought ages ago and been sitting in a cupboard.

  • Too much?

  • Just picked up a nicely worn-in pair of Clarks Desert Boots for general trudging about. What's the best thing for this sort of soft leather to keep it protected? Mink oil or similar?

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  • Dude is the two a different colour or that just the pics?

  • Hasn't @BRM got big plates, bet he'd go for those...

  • they're lovely, but i am in save mode

  • That I would love to see...

  • ^^^^They are really nice. I have big plates but not sure I can justify the spendiness either given that I just snuk another pair of sidis into the house.

    OTOH, missus dooks, er, apone does love a visit from Multigrooves and wouldn't have to know the exact price...

    mg, i'll drop you a line.

  • Hey Joe,

    It's just the images vs different lighting. If it'd make a difference, I'd gladly take some proper pictures in a well lit room. Otherwise give Jcrew a call to see if they have anything in stock or we can organise a meet up...

  • Look forward to hearing from you, buddy.

  • mrs apone likes visits from men with big feet...?


  • Not ALL men with big feet but yeah, it would appear so!

  • I've still got this pair of Yuketen Country Ranger Choco Snake for sale in a UK11.

    RRP is £325. Was originally asking for £100. Send me an offer if you're interested, I'll probably accept.

  • I'd actually suggest the boots for size 12 (and small 13s as they're wide).

  • What's the best stuff to treat a new leather hiking boot with after a walk and a wash?
    That stuff @Multi_Grooves is raving about? That nice looking stuff @Muppetteer is selling, or something else? I would have used dubbin back in the day... ta.

  • i'd say nikwax, olly

  • Now there's a name from the past that resonates like a slab of Kendal Mint Cake. Nikwax. Yes fam.

  • or kendal mint cake, probably just as impervious ;)

  • I'll second Nikwax. The Saphir stuff is amazing if you want supple leather and a shine, but probably totally overkill. Its also probably the wrong colour for you.

    But unless you've really worn the boots for a week of hiking through treacherous conditions and seriously scuffed them, there shouldn't be much they'd need.

  • depends on the quality of leather, muppetteer. most modern lighter weight boots use thin non-aged leathers with a thorough waterproofing impregnation; once this goes they then rely on the gore-tex inner bootee to be the main defense against wet toes.

    contrast that with a heavy 2.5mm split anfibio hide that'l take months to break in, but last for tens of years with nourishment

  • For condition or waterproofing?

    For condition if they're decent leather and new probably nothing I'd have thought. Maybe a bit of clear polish? If you use saddle soap to clean then it usually has some oils and stuff in that.

    For waterproofing nikwax with your finger.

  • How about taking care of some mish mash ones? I've got some Solomon gtx 2 4d that I've been wearing for work, they are looking a little worse for wear. Don't want to shag them totally, I love them

  • My approach would be:
    remove laces and stuff up with newspapers
    dust off as much as possible with a brush
    remove the rest with warmish water on a sponge with a little bit of soap
    allow to dry completely
    impregnate with some waterproofing spray
    rub some nubuck grease into the leather parts

  • Does anyone have any experience of sending shoes back to Loake for a touch up? I need the dainite heals replaced on my boots. That's a pretty simple job so I'd have probably taken them to my local cobbler. But now a couple of the lace hooks have come off. I'm thinking of sending them to Loake to fix that and do the reheal. Anyone done that before?

  • What high street stores would offer me the best option for a pair of classic Oxfords? Budget £100 ideally, maybe up to £150.

    Need to be black or dark brown, closed lace, round toe.

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Proper leather shoes

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