Proper leather shoes

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  • I polished my shoes for the first time in 25 years today.

    This meant purchasing brushes, cloth, shoe-polish and so forth.

    I am unsure whether or not this is a sign of progress.

  • It's nothing less than a wonderful sign of maturity.

  • Anyone interested in a pair of these made to order Rancourt's in a UK 12.

    I've worn them 3 times indoors. Only selling as I've bought the almost identical Yuketen Maine Guide boots in blue suede.

    £100 + shipping seem fair?

    I've also got a pair of Yuketen Country Ranger Snake for sale in a UK11.

    Asking £100 + shipping

  • Bought these in the Mr.P sale yesterday similar to Paraboots but I quite liked the black

  • Shoe fiends, I have some pricey suede shoes; Alden, Yuketen (which are white, yikes). Who has experience with using suede shampoo / cleaning products? The ones I've seen are the following, can someone recommend?


    I have used Burgol cleaning products before and think they are ace so this is the way I'm leaning...

  • Whilst it isn't the most ethical of products, I'm a major fan of Saphir.

  • Thanks for that, how so regarding ethics?

  • Mink oil...

  • will no-one think of the poor little mink?!?!?1111111111oneoneone

  • The leather industry isn't exactly animal friendly.

  • These are free for the taking - size 9, Chapman & Moore, barely used:

    I'll drop them into the charity shop this weekend if no one wants them.

  • I'd like them if they fit, what sort of width are they? Also why are you getting rid?

  • Those are lovely, wrong size for me unfortunately.

  • I bought them one day when I left my smart shoes at home, and had a meeting later.

    I wore them for probably less than a week, then they've sat at home since (hence being dusty).

    Not sure how to answer the width question, they're in SE23 if you want to try them on.

  • I cant get down there any time soon but I will take them if we can arrange a meet up or I can pay postage maybe? If they dont fit Ill put them up here again.

  • Is it economical to get replacement crepe soles on my Clarks Desert Boots, or should I bin them and get a new pair?

  • I'd generally just get a new pair - purely because the uppers are almost always as dead as the soles.

    How much are they these days anyway - I managed to get a couple of pairs in a sale over here for about 40gn each.

  • My uppers are in great nick, the clarks suede spray and their little cleaning tool have worked wonders in keeping them tip top. I did see a blog on resoling desert boots but it seemed like a lot of work. I'll see if I can find it.

  • @AWu-Tang (+ @Dammit) If they don't fit you, I'll take them for a spin.

  • They fit, so Im going to use them.

    Thanks @Dammit.

  • Would anyone be interested in a pair of Alden Indy boots, US8/UK7?

    Great condition, few scuffs, no creases really, with bags and box?

  • i had to buy some new shoes for a wedding last weekend very last minute in central london - i couldn't bring myself to buy something from office that would be disposable so went on the hunt and managed to bag some jigsaw X sanders brogues with commando soles in the sale half price. Love them.

  • They are decent

  • Good work on the sanders, very nice.

    In the end I went for those loake ashby for my wedding.

  • I got these LLBean Katahdin Cordovan engineer boots about 12 months back but quickly realised they were too big. They're a US 12 W(ide) EE . I wore them out once and not far. Though they're now listed on LL's site at £161 (it was always in dollars) local tax/postage/import duty/handling fees etc pushes them well over £200.

    I've just got a smaller pair, so these are up for grabs. The nearest you can get to buying these in the UK as far as I know is via JCrew under the manufacturing company's Chippewa name. They retail at £268.00 but they appear to be sold out and you don't get the wide option.

    [The only difference is the top 3 holes are speed hooks as opposed to lace holes and the chippewa emboss.]

    They've had one coat of the Obernaufs leather protection. This stuff gets raved about on garms/shoe forums and doesn't carry the mink burden. I can apply another coat on request.

    I'd like £130 otherwise they go to ebay...

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Proper leather shoes

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