Proper leather shoes

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  • Hmm. Please tell me the churchs fit on the small side.

  • Before I pack them down, would anyone be interested in a pair of White's Semidress boots, custom made with horsehide and bison leather, US8.5 wide, fits like a us9/uk8. It's a wide boot, but I found them to be very comfy with my just slightly wider feet than most, though they'd accommodate a wider foot as well.

    They're worn, but not much as you can see from the photos. They've been re-heeled with vintage Cat Paw's, and I've used them for about 3 months since.

    These are hard to come by in the UK, only place I've found is this where they retail for around £370 or so.

    I picked these up for £270 on ebay last year, which is a good price, and I was lucky with customs and only paid £45 on top as seller marked them as gift (he didn't tell me this, so thank fuck they didn't get lost in the post)

    Was gonna sell these in a month or two when it's season, but if anyone want's to take them off my hands for £250 they're all yours. Happy for you tome come try them out.

  • Hmm. Please tell me the churchs fit on the small side.

    No shoes fit on the small or large size but to the last upon which they are made. Shoe size is more or less standardized these days. The problem with fitting shoes is not just length and width (some makers such as Alden even designate two widths as fraction X/Y where the width across the is Y) but also last which defines the idealized foot upon which the shoe is intended to fit. Egyptian, Roman, Greek, German or Celtic type foots all demand somewhat different toe boxes and people have all kinds of different wrists, arches, even anke joint forms etc. That is why, for example, I've never found an Italian shoe that I could wear (they are cut too high for me)--- even those adopting English patterns. Purchasing a shoe by length alone will nearly always result in a poor fit-- and most people tend to both underestimate their length requirements and overestimate with width needs (i.e. too short and too wide). What complicates things even a bit more is that observation that two shoes made of different patterns using the same last (e.g. also size and width) can provide different fits--- even material (calf,russian leather, cordovan, bullfog,seal, walrus etc.) can result it quite different "fits".

  • Hmm. Please tell me the churchs fit on the small side.

    Why don't you pop round and try?

  • Why don't you pop round and try?

    That is ultimately the BEST approach!

  • Oh, edward. Sure you're right, but you know what I meant.
    Kboy, I'm in copenhagen. I'm pretty much a sure 7G, but was just dream thinking.

  • if no one picks them up, i can bring them to copenhagen on the 28th?

  • Shoe bods, I want/need the Vibram sole replacing on my Monkey Boots. Is there a vendor in central, west London anyone can vouch for who does this work well?

  • Someone mentioned a store in town that do official repairs, can't remember what it was called though. A search should bring it up, and if not, TS should be with you soon

  • Last chance for my Church's Grafton here, letting them go for £40

  • Viberg or White's would take you into your golden years with proper care...

  • Shoe bods, I want/need the Vibram sole replacing on my Monkey Boots. Is there a vendor in central, west London anyone can vouch for who does this work well?

    The Redwing store did mine... They're pretty friendly in there, maybe they'll hook you up if you ask nicely/buy them an ice cream...

  • Very nice. Same boot but with a polish on the above one?

  • edit double post

  • I think so. I don't own them....yet.

  • I've been looking at @helmboots on Instagram. They have some nice bits, but the soles aren't welted. I wonder how long they'll last (excuse the pun).

  • ^^^MultiGrooves, those look great. What are they?

    I've been ditering for weeks looking at all sorts of boots but had a hankering for a proper old school pair of DMs lately. Bought these "For Life" 8 holes on Saturday and I'm super happy with them:­r-Life/c/Mens-For-Life
    They're goodyear welted (unlike the normal BDs which are just glued these days) and have a thicker midsole and much softer, supple matt finished leather. They feel absolutely great. they also have lifetime guarantee (re-sole or replace) which the normal ones no longer have.. They actually look a little less clod-hopping/thuggish than I remember and are quite a narrow fit. Perfect antidote to the endless tan brogue boots of recent years. Couldn't resist a pair of bright red laces too. Badass.

  • Aren't they those farmer-chic Redwings? Whatever they are, they're lovely... I would... In black, obvs...

  • Where can I get a proper cobbler in London's infamous London, to fit decent soles to a pair of old brogues. Without feeling wallet-raped? Pretty please?

  • Joe Slain knows a bloke.

  • Not me, @kboy knows someone...

  • Funny I looked at the blood red DMs which, I'd have gone for if not for the LL Bean Katahdin engineer boots.

    DM also give you free lace replacements.

    A variant of the LLs:

  • I've been following this "brog" (Ha!) for a while now.­

    If it wasn't so expensive, I'd send my shoes ( and a pair of old boots) to him.... anyone doing this sort of work around london?

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Proper leather shoes

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