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  • We're from Nuneaton/Bedworth- but we make journey's out to the city centre every once and a while, normally bank holidays.

    I'm pretty sure I saw you on the 29th, I was in city centre for my theory test and you rode past McDonalds(If that's your bike in your profile avatar) looked cool man. :D

  • Sorry for the lateness of this, crazy workload recently but yup that was me on stubborn girl. Hit me up if you guys are ever about. If my bike aint playing up I'll be on a ride ;)

  • Last Sunday

  • I saw this yesterday.

  • Blue thing is cool, needs one or both the brakes removing though..

    White one is anti as hell, lol.

    My new thing will be sorted soon.

  • Pedestrianisation. It brings out the worst in councils.

  • I heard about that Public Spaces Order, but I didn't realise it was aimed at cyclists too... how the hell are the countless people who cycle to work in the city centre actually going to be able to get to work??

    Seems poorly thought out imo, no doubt there will be a lot of people angry if it ends up being passed.

  • Just checking in, is anyone else out there? [Picture: I went for a ride to Kenilworth the other day]

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  • Im from Coventry! only just registered to this forum as on the lookout for a new bike but me and my mate normally ride out to kenilworth Warwick leamington and surrounding areas or just pissing around in the Warwick uni.

    we normally just ride out for a bit and hit some pubs. Give me a shout if you wanna ride!

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  • just having a look through this thread and noticed this, that was probably me i live round that area my mates got the silver charge plug with risers

  • Yes! An active fixed gear rider :O I'm a student at Warwick with the Dolan - you might have seen me around. I'm up for pubs and rides :D

  • Haha been hard to find in coventry to be fair, used to see loads around aswell. That dolan is nice! You ride down the greenway before?

  • I see the odd bike locked up around town but never seen anyone actually riding. I came back from Kenilworth along a bit of it, but only to the turn off to the Uni, I'll check it out when the weather is nice. I enjoy absolutely bombing it down Red Lane into Kenilworth though

  • Yeah the greenway is sweet when the weathers good ride it down to berkswell over to the bear and ragged staff pub. Was through kenilworth monday on the way back from leamington decent ride. Trying to get my fitness back ready for the stratford rides. Check out our fb page too we dont use really but good to arrange summin­3352815/

  • I'm from Bedworth :) although i have had like 3 different bikes in the past year or so

    down to ride, i have a couple of pals which ride too.

  • sweet, i know bedworth pretty well "bedoth" but never realy ride down that end where you normally ride?
    starting to get the good weather again now aswell so will ride a bit more add into the fb group and we can set a ride up

    i want a new bike myself toying with the idea of waiting for a new set up or just buying a new frameset

  • we normally just stay between Nuneaton and Bedworth, but we occasionally ride up to Coventry. I want to go to war memorial to grab some nice photos at some point.

  • nice one let me know if you find yourself riding around cov, i dont live far from memorial at all but some good rides round that way

  • @shane89 what's your facebook group??

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Spotted in Cov

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