The Rapha Festive 500

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  • Jesus fucking christ, this is monstrous. Chapeau fella. Also, Merry Festmas everyone!


  • ice stopped play...

    I did 10k yesterday, where's my roundel?

    I know my 90k on Sunday doesn't count, much to my chagrin

  • You are a mad man! Well done though.

  • I'm sure there'll be lots going around by the end of this but have some #rep anyway! That's bidon photo is glorious.

  • Parked my van in a layby on the B709 last night, more traffic than I expected.

    Rode round the red trail at Innerliethen. Had to record on my phone as I'd forgotten my Garmin at home. Power management decided to stop Strava running in the background such that I have an 8 mile ride ending with a long straight line when it should have been 12 miles. Every single rock was slick and there were plenty of mushed up pine needles to sap your speed. Was faster in the snow last year.

  • 233km ticked off so far. Sorry to hear of your fall @cjr, thanks for the words @GoatandTricycle :)

  • Great stuff. How’s it been?

    How you feeling now @cjr?

    Keep it up guys, some seriously impressive efforts! Longer first stints than I recall from last year.
    Awaiting @danstuff return leg surely...?

  • Awaiting @danstuff return leg surely...?

    Return leg was mostly sitting in First Class on LNER. Soz. Few days gravel riding round Rutland Water then it's off to Switzerland for some XC skiing. No 500 for me this year, I'm afraid.

  • Dying to fit in as much FRF road as pose this year- much slower than tarmac however, so having to keep a lid on it. That said, it’s 62.5Km/day if you get out everyday.

  • Good to do a longish chunk today on quiet roads. Planning similar on 31st and split the remaining km until then. Enjoying the novelty of a target so far; an extra kick up the arse to get out.

  • Good stuff. Need some pictures ;-)
    Yeah it’s good, I really enjoyed last years and it really gave me the cycling bug again. Been itching to get out but being sensible with balancing things.
    Hope the weather holds

  • Ah ok, well it was a great ride so I’ll let you off.
    I’m hoping to get to Switzerland once the snow starts to go though :-)

  • Hmmm, once the snow starts to go there's no skiing. Skiing first, then cycling. It's The Rule.

    After all, I've got 4 days in Oberwald of Damien-the-former-Olypmic-Cross-Country-­Skiing-Champion taking the piss out of my lack of (1) balance, (2) skill, (3) co-ordination, (4) aerobic capacity and (5) testosterone production capacity. It's not a job I should left to do alone...

  • I’m good thanks, head seems fine, shoulder and hand are hurting most but I think in the end I got off lightly. Going for an easy spin tomorrow to test out my new rear dynamo light.

  • Did a solid 8km today on a beach cruiser. Only 492km to go!

  • Well it turns out the rear hanger got bent when I crashed, now it’s part of my rear wheel! Now a bit of hike a bike.

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  • Uh...that old chestnut. Shit.

  • Don’t stop the tracking... CX rules right??

  • 110km of hillier than that London riding so far, in the balance.

  • Back on it this morning after missing Christmas Day, 70 miles(my longest ride since March, when my daughter was born) 120 miles in total. should be straight forward from here.

  • 55km dash

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  • 105km done.

    Was a rather bleak day here so no photos today. Did have a wonderful ham sandwich however.

  • I was saved by my team car (dad) who brought me his hybrid and took away the remains of my bike. 75km today on a glorified Boris bike taking me to 298.1km

    Just ordered a mech hanger and chain online to collect tomorrow in London, back on the road by Fri!

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  • An inspiration to all.

    I’m guessing south of Edinburgh again? Not the flattest route for a hybrid.

  • Headed out West this time, not as lumpy as the borders, but it was hilly enough!

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The Rapha Festive 500

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