For Sale: Sturmey archer s2c and s2 duoamatic hubs - wheels sets

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  • sturmey archer s2c and s2 duomatic hubs

    kick-back for gear change (and coaster brake - on s2c) - see the links below for spec. etc.

    in silver 36h with 19t cog (others available)

    • 75 posted -no dibs just PM as very limited stock

    delivery from c. 20/12/10 onwards

    if you want built up as wheels i could do that too - PM me to discus (exal semi deep V and rigida chrina (like drc st17 / open sport - classic style eyeletted ) polished, silver or black all easy to get - maybe something similar in 26" - or your own choice and sourcing of any 36h rim )

    some links:

    YouTube - Sturmey Archer S2C kickback hub on a Moulton MK3­ubs/cid/7/id/55­mey-archer-s2c/

  • both in hand now and can be posted from 17th onwards

    s2c available in black and silver,
    s2 only in silver.

  • Interested in S2. Can you tell me how it works? If you put back pressure on the cog, it switches gear? Does this mean it's not suitable to run without a rear break? Wonder how you modulate speed using pedals without changing gear, basically.

  • It's got a coaster brake Skully, my mum's bike used to have a very similar thing.

    Edit: You wanted the S2, I think you're going to need a rear brake indeed.

  • AS Skully very interested in the handling of the S2C.
    What's the difference between braking and changing gear?
    Is it an automatic thing ie you slow down so it gears down?

    Where are you based no6?


  • based in sk6 - i've not ridden one of these yet. i doubt i'll be using one. if i really must freewheel i want my 21 gears and my fixed has 3 gears.

    it's not fixed so i guess changing up /down is no issue to braking on the s2c. you push a little to change gear and further to brake - and you can modulate brake effort on the back pedaling force.

    as far as i'd guess back pedaling toggles you between gears so as you brake you'l change gear from what you're in to whatever you're not in.

    i'd check some reviews online - and probably some reviews from USA it was out there earlier. also i 'm pretty sure edscobile has written something about these - or another version of the duomatic system - he'll no doubt have a good description of how it works - i do remember him saying "it's intuitive and it's easier and simpler than it sounds":

    and the s2 will use a rear brake on the rims just like any other bike.

    only 2 s2c left now - 5 s2c (sorry - typo - should read **"only 2 s2 left now - 5 s2c" **)

    p.s. the direct drive is the lower of the 2 gears so buy cog to suit the lower gear you want. 19 t defualt but more available .......(it takes the standard 3 spline SA cog)

  • for oli -...

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  • I wanted to know how the S2 handles, not the coaster, but meh, they've gone.

  • skully -sorry i did a typo above..........

    s2 in silver and s2c in black or silver all still left

    PM if interested. i've still not ridden either - go to other reviews for handling on that i guess...

  • If it wasn't just before Xmas I'd be picking one of these up fro sure. Really cool idea.

  • Very interested in an S2 hub, in either silver or black - what do you have at present?

  • hi i still have;

    s2 in silver and s2c in black or silver all still left

    PM if you fancy one - thanks

  • I only joined yesterday and can't send PMs yet. Can you PM me with your e-mail?

  • message sent to your page - i can't PM you -

  • price drop 69gbp for either hub - any cog size 13- 21 (but no 18t right now )

    please PM if interested..

  • just joined so i can't PM you yet, but i'm interested in buying one of these s2c hubs.

    i have an old bike with 27" wheels. are these in 26" or 700c wheel now? pretty sure i can still fit the other sizes (don't need caliper in rear afterall), and don't mind taking a modern size to use in a newer bike later, if that's the situation.

    still available? PM me and let's meet up!

  • As griphter, how much for a S2/S2C made up to 27" / 700Cs ?

  • hi can you both PM me - or let me know what sort of rms -

    griphter - as it's a hub i could do 26 / 700 or 27 (or more besides)
    i'd go for 700 as the rims are that much better. plus more tyre choice and easy to get front to match

    probably looking c. 120 posted - for full rear wheel build on something like rigida chrina - as per pic above

  • **pair of wheels 155 posted to UK address

    front wheel only 64 posted to UK address

    rear wheel only 110 posted to UK address

    69gbp for any s2/s2c hub - any cog size 13- 21 (but no 18t right now )**

    that's for direct payment bank transfer , add 4% for paypal

    been able to lower postage and thought i'd set some hard prices for some standard 700c wheelsets ( for a pair the RRP. for the ingredients alone would be approx. 165 gbp and then you'd be paying postage costs to get all the bits to you plus have to build them yourself or pay someone to do it for you)

    standard 3 cross build with SG stainless spokes and rim tape
    any combo of rims and hubs here. please note delivery will be 7 to 14 days after order (the wheels are not ready and waiting but will be built up to your spec. ) black spokes may be an option but i'd have to look into that.

    the hubs do direct drive as the lower gear then plus 38% for the higher gear - inquire with me if you're unsure about what gear options or how to calculate.

    but for a rough example (actually based on a 27" wheel but it's near enough - might be a couple of % out) if you've got 42t chain ring with 18T on the rear, that's

    42/18 = 2.33333

    2.33333 x 27 would give you a 63 inch gear (that'd be your lower gear - direct drive)

    63 x 1.38 = 87 inches (that'd be your top gear.)

    rear hubs:

    all 36H and 116 OLD (long axle can easily be made up to 130 or anywhere in between)
    choose cog of your choice: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22 (most sizes in both 3/32 and 1/8 )

    S2C (with coaster brake) black or silver (please indicate size of chainstay for clip on end of coater arm)
    S2 (no coaster brake) silver only­9/23/sturmey-archer-s2c/

    ***front hubs: *** 36h sturmey archer bacon slicer large flange , cartridge bearings track hub (just like zentih with no holes in flange really) these come on black or silver­duct/27387/Sturmey-Archer-HBT-Front-Hub/­


    exal xr1 in silver (argent) or black­wheels-hubs/rims/8470.html


    Rigida chrina in polished silver­plid=m2b9s116p66

    so i'd need to know what:
    1 rear hub (coaster or not)
    2 rims
    3 size of cog
    4 width of cog
    5 size chainstay (only needed if you've chose the S2C)
    6 any colour options from those given above

    please PM if interested. or if can't : yellowsweep at hotmail dot com

  • I bought a pair of these with the S2C hub - arrived quickly and are well built. I've been going out on a few short rides around town and I'm really impressed by them - the brake has decent modulation and getting the hang of the gearshift is pretty easy. I've got it set up as 42/22 giving 67" and 50" which is good for the rolling hills around here.

  • more options:

    red, black, silver, blue and gold

    32/36 holes

    s2 and s2c

    not all permeation available immediately - please enquirer

  • more options:

    red, black, silver, blue and gold

    32/36 holes

    s2 and s2c

    not all permeation available immediately - please enquire

    might be able to do those other colours with the matching front track hubs (­p?prod=hust-hbt&PHPSESSID=76huc676bmdoub­c0b8ml4r8lh1 ) too - again inquire on those variations - ,

  • Got my 5 speed wheel build Paul. Cheers matey. Gonna pop it on the Harry Quinn tonight. Thanks for all the advice man.

  • Hello,
    I'm after a Red 36H S2C with a 17T cog for the rear and a Red 36H HBT for the front (they come in red according the the Sturmey website however can't find any online?!?) for an Old Hercules that i'm doing up in a semi cruiser style. I've got some cream 26" Fat Franks that i'll be using.
    Can you please give me:
    1) The price for just the 2 hubs
    2) The price for 2 x fully built 26" wheels on a generic silver rim (wide enough to accommodate the fat franks) with some generic spokes.
    WIth regards to the width of cog, I have an old 48T Rudge Cottered chainwheel that i'll be using and as I don't have any callipers handy, would need you guidance on thickness (assume old old english stuff follows some sort of thickness rule?!?).

  • looking into getting some A2 hubs,not sure they're out yet, but i've put the feelers out for some of the first available :­3/13/auto-shifting-sram-hub/

    a remake of these :­pedo-automatic/

    any interest? - watch this space

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For Sale: Sturmey archer s2c and s2 duoamatic hubs - wheels sets

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