For Sale: Dale's Polo Bike... £300

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  • not shot blasted, all the parts have been de-anodised with caustic soda.

    Are you sure? I'm pretty sure Dale told me he had the bike shot blasted with the headset still on it, but I could be wrong. It's possible it was de-anodised as well.

  • Rik's taken the headset, if there are any problems then I'll take it back or swap it for the one on my own bike, both are in great condition!

  • 2nd dibs cranks!

  • Jono, I will take the seatpost too, please

  • Cool, updated.

  • Jono i've pmed you re wheels....

  • I dibsed that front wheel weeks ago! What is this mockery?

  • so what's still available ?

  • i had dibs on the wheels. goddamnit. good riddance to dale. left nothing but misery in his wake.


    I don't think this bike is capable of doing more than 10 km/h, certainly never saw get above that when Dale was riding it.


    Dale was going to sell it to me for £25. I miss Dale. Way cooler than that Jono guy.

    dtm for such a bad brown nose!

    damnit jono, those wheels were dibbed by me for £130. daaaaammmmnnnnniittttt!


    crank arms are not rusted on, they come off. tree sprocket is like new 50 pound. the euro may be rusted in, i couldn't get it out when i tried quickly, but bearings were ok last i tried.

    headset was black but de-anodised, same as seat post.

    bill the seat is a titanium due saddle, you just got a bargain for 20!!!

  • This what Dale's bike used to look like:

    very first set up on bike. changed out cranks, pedals, wheels, seat post, seat. so actually only bars, frame and forks.

  • Ha, Bill got the seat for a tenner and a couple of polo balls for free, the gazumper that he is.

    Only the frame/fork (£50), pedals (£10) and bars/stem/grips (£25) left, everything else has gone, cheers.

  • bars are steel 2" rise, with bar ends and inners, with snafu grips, stubby azonic? stem

    pedals are clear oddyssey twisted, left bearings are a little rattly

  • I might be interested in the bars/stem/grips, can I have a look at some point?

  • even with a ding in the frame that's a bragin... people are always looking for frames... where are the newbies??????

  • Yeah John, I'll put them in my bag for when I next see you.

  • I'll take the bars for £26. Serious offer. Cash. And 2 beers thrown in.

  • Ok, £27. And 3 beers.

  • Yeah Jono, get some pics up - potentially interested in the cockpit (bars, stem, grips), but you haven't even said what they are!

    Oh dear. F5 fail and Bill is after the same thing.

  • Fuck it. £25 & 1 beer.

  • £22, no beer but a free hand job whilst you look at a picture of bill.

  • just spat my coffee out!

  • Could use the fork, but don't really want to pay shipping for the whole bike ... Any idea how much it would be (whole bike/fork to Copenhagen) and is it something you would consider doing if nobody takes the whole bike of your hands?

  • I'll take the frame/forks (mainly want the forks. also want a pub bike). Also the bars/stem/grips unless it's already gone above.


  • £22, no beer but a free hand job whilst you look at a picture of bill.

    The never ending handjob.

  • ha! surely that can be harnessed as a sustainable source of power?

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For Sale: Dale's Polo Bike... £300

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