For Sale: Dale's Polo Bike... £300

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  • So I bought Dale's polo bike as a bit of a favour and would prefer to pass it on to a polo player, it's a great setup, consists of the following (off the top of my head):

    • BLB track frame, around a 56 I think (badly dented chainstay on non-drive side, bad for side impacts I would've thought, but should be ok otherwise?)
    • 48h Velocity Aerohead rims on custom Profile 48h hubs (super smooth and straight)
    • Profile cranks with brand new splined chainring
    • Chris King headset
    • Stripped thomson seatpost (looks like a no-name post, but is teh shizzle)
    • Odyssey plastic pedals with home-made straps?
    • Rolls saddle?
    • Short stem, riser, grips, worn tyres, etc.

    It cost £300, so that's what I'd like for it... if no-one takes it within a week or so then I'll split it and sell bits on (no dibsing for the split please). Cheers.

    Pictures and exact details to come tonight.

  • this is a bargain! polo players get on this

  • so lame! I dibsed shit off this bike. Brendan ruined my sweet deals. I think the technical term is "gazumped."

  • Btw, Jono: it's a stripped thomson seat post.

  • so lame! I dibsed shit off this bike. Brendan ruined my sweet deals. I think the technical term is pulling a "brenda"


  • Please ignore Mrak, he has anger issues. There is no shit on this bike, only "quality parts".

    <- Captain gazumper.

  • Would have taken the bike had it been on sale just a week earlier. 90% up with the new build, very tempted still on getting this and dumping the parts I have got onto the market...

    What BB does it currently run? Will fit a pompino?

  • £300! This bike is a pile of old scrap. It is shagged, and is probably only fit for use as a pub bike.

  • It's a euro BB (BMX) and it will fit a pompino, but Dale said it's going to be an effort to get it out, and it could be knackered.

  • I remember Dale saying something about the cranks being rusted on, or BB.

    Still good price for a ready to roll, tough bike...

  • I don't think this bike is capable of doing more than 10 km/h, certainly never saw get above that when Dale was riding it.

  • ha!

  • Zing...

  • That was nowhere near a 'ha!', total dad gag... I had dibs on the fucking wheels too before B/Jono/Matt(BD) B-zumped me...

  • Can I just mention that this for sale thread is in the wrong forum, and is undoubtedly a massive fishing expedition by lfgss' leading gazumper?

    So many rules are being broken by the OP, I should probably be banned for just reading his post.

  • Joe, you can have the wheels... £300, they come with a free frame, cranks, headset, etc, etc.

    I'm tempted to keep it, can't really afford to though, barspins make me smile.

    Bill, I agree, you should be banned.

  • I've got a new bike now...

  • only the hubs are around £200 new....

  • That was nowhere near a 'ha!', total dad gag...

    Dad gag? Well, you should know, decrepit old goat.

  • .

  • Polo is animated emoticon free, Max. As all the forum should be.

  • Whatever!

  • don't tar me mrak you slag!

  • Ban him now.

  • Oh no... H you jerk. You removed it!

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For Sale: Dale's Polo Bike... £300

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